The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Interesting re: Call Me By Your Name


Call Me By Your Name - Really disappointed by this after all the positivity unfortunately. It looked lovely, the lad playing Elio was absolutely superb but these things live and die by their central relationship and I just didn’t buy this one for some reason. I hated spending any time at all with Armie Hammer’s character and just couldn’t buy into his perceived allure. This coupled with some of the more minor complaints about how difficult it is to make learned (pretentious) people appear tolerable on-screen meant that this felt every bit of it’s running time for me.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer - Fucking loved this although “loved” is not a great word for it. Dark as hell but very funny with it. If you can settle into the atmosphere Yorgos Lanthimos creates you’re in for a very twisted treat, if not you’ll almost certainly hate it. Don’t want to say too much as I definitely liked the fact I didn’t know anything about it going in but go and see it please.


Run Lola Run - This felt like a hyperactive and adrenalised music video expanded out to 80 minutes but I was hooked throughout.

Tears of the Black Tiger - Slightly bonkers and very bloody Thai homage / parody (?) to Westerns. The cinematography in this was gorgeous! Felt quite bad for the Black Tiger though, he really seemed to get dealt life’s short straw.

Goodbye Christopher Robin - I can see this being shown on BBC on Boxing day in the next couple of years time and I’ll probably still get a swept up by Will Tilston’s performace. The rest of the cast I could take or leave especially Domhnall Gleeson who was terribly wooden and the ageing make up looked utterly ridiculous on him.

Ip Man - Lots of exhilarating fight scenes but the story somewhat lets things down a bit. Donnie Yen gives a quietly cool performance though. Does anyone know if the sequences are worth giving a go?

Audition - A really nasty film and those final scenes are gonna linger with me for a long time. Fucking chilling.

Bubba Ho-Tep - Utter rubbish but I liked the idea of Elvis switching lives with an impersonator when fame became too much for him.

Child’s Play - Very goofy premise but a lot of fun nevertheless. Particularly liked Joe Renzetti’s score.

20th Century Women - Not sure what to make of this. I felt like the sort of movie that I would usually love but it left me kinda cold.

Inside Llewyn Davis - Oscar Issac was great in this and other than a memorable cameo from John Goodman, this was a largely forgettable Coen Bros flick.

The Alamo (2004) - Billy Bob Thornton’s dancing eyebrows and fiddle playing will haunt my dreams.


The Killing of a Sacred Deer - Yorgos Lanthimos watches Sophie’s Choice and thinks ‘We need more films like this!’. It’s deliberate emotional/physical distance will drive some people mad. I liked it, but I think I much preferred The Lobster (another rather Marmite film I concede)


Murder on the Orient Express - quite fun if a bit light


great, isnt it!


Case of diminishing returns with Ip Man, still the second one has the awesome Sammo Hung, and there are still plenty of very well crafted fight scenes to keep you entertained


It really was! Once I noticed how many shots there was of Shigeharu fixing himself a drink; it all became agonisingly tense!


I’m sold :grin:

Thought some of the best fights in the first one came at the beginning when the out of towner’s were challenging all of the masters! Really ace stuff though, eh?


I just watched Shinjuku Triad Society and for some reason thought it was Takeshi Kitano directing it


I genuinely hated Audition, which felt odd since I liked (or at least appreciated) everything else Kaufman has done and the concept appealed. I keep considering going back to try it again but the feeling was so visceral that it’s hard to convince myself …


:smiley: think you’re thinking of Adaptation, pal



I just spent 4 hours watching Lawrence of Arabia, clearly exhausted my film-brain for the day.


We’ve all been there.


Enjoy it?


I was looking it up after and it said Miike did Audition and I was thinking that I rrally didnt recall Takeshi Kitano doing that. Boggling


Everyone get some sleep!


Bobby Sands doc on iPlayer is well worth watching FYI


Yeah it was really good, lot funnier than I expected and less dodgy in PC terms (though obviously Alec Guiness isn’t the most convincing Arab ever…)

Properly epic, felt it earned the run time with all the set pieces and the exploration of the impacts of war and fame and religious fervour. Plus O’Toole was a real standout, unlike most any other leading man performance I’ve ever seen.

Side note - not a single word was said by a female character, which isn’t inherently wrong but still felt jarring.


Feel bad for Peter O’Toole, does Lawrence of Arabia and probably would have won the Oscar any other year, only to have Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mockingbird that same year. Never did win an Oscar in the end :frowning: