The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread




It’s not called Florence of Arabia is it mate.


Haven’t seen TKaM, should I?


Yeah, it’s great, one of the best book to film adaptations ever. Robert Duvall’s first ever film too I think.


Never realised that Peter Capaldi has won an Oscar #totallypointlessfilmtrivia


Really what for?


The Killing of a Sacred Deer - I liked it and was suitably uncomfortable though where I think Lanthimos completely bossed it before with Dogtooth, Alps and The Lobster was that they came with a profound if sometimes laboured message. This one just felt nasty for nasty’s sake (which I don’t always object to) which perhaps made me like it rather than love it as I did with the others. Kidman is fucking great though, best she’s been in yonks.

I saw Silence of the Lambs immediately after (literally, it had already started) and the 4K restoration looks lovely. The film has dated a fair bit and its gender and sexual politics is still dubious but a lot of fun to see it in the cinema.


A short film he made.


Yeah, I’d not seen it in a long time, and I’d forgotten just how camp Lecter is portrayed to be, and how much they omit of Buffalo Bill’s backstory, which puts the emphasis on his transvestism.


Yeah, the line about the transvestite community usually being peaceful, as if its someway connected to them being a serial killer, is particularly jarring.


yeah that line is hamfisted but well-intentioned i think. a lot of similar thrillers wouldn’t have bothered.


It would be a much worse film if they told you buffalo bill’s back story tbh




Maybe, but there are deleted scenes that probably would have been in there had it been made now.


Saw The Square over the weekend - absolutely loved it, though it is a bit overlong. Definitely reckon it has an extra edge for anyone who has worked in an arts institution.


yeah, and it’d be a much worse film if it was made now! there are so many moments of things that while they aren’t difficult concepts to grasp, they aren’t explained in the sort of audience-hating way that they would be nowadays.


What marckee said. Interestingly (well I thought it was interesting anyway), Sean Astin was a nominee in the same category that year, and Jeff Goldblum was the following year.


watched Lady Macbeth. Had yer man from Auf Wiedersen in it



Alright. Went to see Jigsaw at the weekend. It’s easily the third, maybe fourth, best Saw film. Imagine that?