The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Nothing like setting a low bar to hop over.

Note: I haven’t seen any Saw films


I developed a mild fascination with long running horror franchises last year (waiting six months for security clearance for my job was GREAT), particularly the ones that produce an incredible amount of screen time in a short period. Here are some things I learnt:

  1. the first one is probably the only actually halfway good one, probably because it was just James Wan making a weird little indie film with zero expectations. 2 and 6 are ok. 3-5 are bad. 7 is atrocious.

  2. Despite how terrible most of them are, they’re always oddly ambitious. The continuity is mad - 3 and 4 take place at the same time, in adjacent rooms at some points. There are flashbacks, double bluffs, crossovers, all over the place. It doesn’t always work, but given how there are major franchises that churn out movies at a rate equivalent to these without giving half a toss about this stuff, it’s kinda nice?

  3. Even at their worst, they’re much better than the Paranormal Activity films.

~ fin ~


Aye. I’ve heard similar rumblings in the past in fairness. Really it’s just that I don’t care that much for the general idea that runs through the films personally.

Also, I still have no idea what Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones was all about.


Saw the first one. It’s just like someone watched se7en and decided to dumb it down for slipknot fans


This is the kind of acidic review I come into this thread for.


saw the killing of a sacred deer yesterday. enjoyed it, a lot more like dogtooth than the lobster, but agree as above that it didn’t seem to have any real ‘point’ to it. that kid is a great actor though, creepy as fuck.


He’s good in Dunkirk too. But maybe he’s aiming to unseat Ezra Miller as the go-to ‘creepy young man’ in films


Sony Pictures UK going for the ‘our film is nothing to do with two men falling for each other!’ approach


If nothing else, the cast for this looks great


Looks alright? Bit bland? I do prefer mature Spielberg - I think Bridge of Spies might be the only thing from him which I really like - so here’s hoping.

Hoping he’s got Streep to rein it in a bit, think it’s been about 15 years (Adaptation, The Hours) since I’ve seen a performance from her where she’s not completely hammed it up?


Thelma - Joachim Trier doesn’t make the same film twice and this foray into genre territory is an impressive tale of repressed sexuality, trauma and the supernatural. Well worth seeing.


where did you see this? been trying to find it but could only see a london viewing


Yeah it was in London, apologies.


blimming heck


I wasn’t crazy about Bridge of Spies but thought that Lincoln was great. And that period you mention probably was the last time Meryl Streep actually deserved her annual Oscar nomination!


Is it me or are EMPIRE giving out way more 5 star reviews than they used to? I’m sure in the 90s it was barely one every few issues.


Loved Call Me By Your Name. What a lovely gorgeous film. Really makes me want to be a scholar in something, and speak 5 languages, and have an old man who brings me fish and fixes my bike.

Does anyone ever think when they’re watching an Armie Hammer film “Where’s the other one?” I always do.


I’ve seen it twice now - did you notice there’s a fly in every scene?


I noticed a fly a few times actually, in every scene though?


Yeah, every scene (on Elio usually ) didn’t notice first time round.

Also didn’t realise how much Electronic ripped off that Psychedelic Furs song that’s on the soundtrack with Getting Away With it