The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



That’s an extremely interesting thing to be deliberate, I wonder what that’s all about?

I didn’t particularly take to the film unfortunately


Ha. We were in a restaurant once when Love My Way was played, and we had the same realisation too.


How would one go about watching Putney Swope?



Nice one! Thanks, man. It didn’t occur to me that it would be on YouTube


480p though. it’s a strange movie.


Yeah, I’ve been going through old episodes of WTF recently and Paul Thomas Anderson cites it as a major moment in his life watching it, Louis CK says the same thing so I thought I should give it a go.




the Robert Downey, Sr films I’ve seen have been… like early John Waters or something. probably an acquired taste.


thor was bloody great, then. Korg :smile:


Wow this Keep-Calm-Replace-Spacey-And-Carry-On caper is a jaw dropper

Said it before but Ridley Scott does not fuck about.


Strong use of the peach emoji.


Anyone seen the Red Riding trilogy? Think @NoahVale has mrntioned it. Just watched the second, its fantastic. Engrossing storyline, the (first two anyway) stories interlink nicely. dark as hell as well


Saw it at the time when it was first on TV and remember thinking it was brilliant.


Watched boyz n the hood for the first time on Wednesday and my hot take is that it’s a very good film.

BUT even though he’s generally good I have this thing with Cuba Gooding Jr. Where whenever I see him all I think is ‘oh look, there’s Cuba Gooding Jr., look at him doing some acting’ and it throws me out of any immersion in the film. Not sure I’ve explained this well or anyone else has this with particular actors or whatever


I watched this not too long ago and had a similar reaction, but that’s a tiny bit unfair in this instance as it was his first “big” role right?


I have it with him in every film though. Pretty sure I have it with other actors but can’t think of one atm


Was my favourite film when I was younger, not seen in years


Think you’ll find that was coming to America :wink:


ha of course!