The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Paddington 2 is mt favourite film of the year I think. Just as good as the original.


Anyone here seen the documentary Tabloid? A really wild ride, fully recommended. A model in the 70s goes out to find and kidnap her disappeared/joined the mormon church boyfriend. Reminds me of Tickled in the way it just gets utterly bizarre by the end. On Netflix anywayd!


Saw The Florida Project earlier. My film of the year. Everyone in it is utterly fantastic - 6 year old kids included. Best thing Willem Dafoe has done and I’m genuinely amazed it’s the first acting the lead adult actress has done.


Im excited for this. Tangerine was so fantastic


YEah same, think it looks really great


Right! The director found her on Instagram! It’s such a wonderful film. Really hope it doesn’t get left behind being released the same day as Paddington


I don’t think they’re going after the same demographic in fairness. I’d be more worried that it’s competing with Call Me By Your Name/Killing of a Sacred Deer/Ingrid Goes West/Mudbound/Good Time this month


Aye i’m a big errol morris fan. Prefer when he’s being a bit more serious but it’s still really good. Though how vile the daily mail creep is makes it difficult to wat h at times.


just saw The Killing of a Sacred Deer because I got to the kino too late and the screening of Call Me By Your Name was sold out.

just… fucking garbage, tbh. was relieved when it ended.


not sure I really rated Dogtooth either, tbh, but it at least didn’t feel like a totally stupid waste of time.



so… maybe the problem was I went in blind. didn’t know what it was supposed to be, ended up frustrated and annoyed because it was actually an absurd horror rather than anything meaningful?

posted right after it finished feeling pretty fucked off, so… yeah. idk.

I didn’t mind maybe two thirds of it.


The Florida Project - very good, nice way of depicting a child’s view of the world. The three leads are all great. Not sure what to make of that final scene though.

Paddington 2 - just as sweet and funny and charming as the first one.


Had a bit of a New Hollywood classics day today for a class tomorrow. Somehow I’ve never seen these although I’ve seen all their endings/key scenes before:

Bonnie and Clyde

Yep, can see why this was such a cultural milestone in 1967. Also enjoyed the nods to French New Wave, very much like an American ‘Breathless’. That end is still pretty shocking even by today’s standards, although I was waiting for the “raindrops keep falling on my head” scene but it turns out thats butch cassidy and the sundance kid. Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty are great.

The Exorcist

Enjoyed this a lot, particularly how slow it is. I remember when I was a wee guy loads of kids complaining about that but enjoying the possession scenes. The film is so much more than that though. The film within a film stuff with the kid’s mum is great, like how that glamourous world is counterposed with the devil scenes.

Taxi Driver

Yeah, also excellent. The ending felt a little off but I liked the readings that it’s either a dying dream or that he’s going to repeat himself.

We are also gonna y’all about Jaws but I’ve seen that a couple times already, great film too though


Assassin’s Creed
It’s kind of incredible this got made. it’s total stupid nonsense, but also dour and portentous. I guess it takes a lot from the games, but the editing between the past and present (especially in fight scenes), all the stuff they were spouting, the animus, the centuries of rivalry between the assassins and the templars, genetic memories, the apple of eden, the cure for violence, the genetic code for free will as well as etc, just made me feel like my brain was melting. great stuff.


does this fall into ‘so bad it’s good’ territory then? might watch it this week if so


I’m not really sure - I definitely enjoyed it but it’s pretty drab and humourless. I could easily see people finding it tedious


The Florida Project - Really brilliant. In a kind of like American Honey but actually watchable way. That little girl was absolutely incredible and her performance at the end completely broke my heart. Willem Dafoe was great as well, loved his character.


I felt like it needed it, though a friend of mine HATED it


FINALLY saw the new Thor film at the weekend. I had a big stupid grin on my face throughout the whole thing. I hope everyone involved had as much fun making it as it looked like they did.


Saw the new Blade Runner finally. Lot more boobs than I was expecting. Probably wouldn’t have seen it with my dad if I had known that.