The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Taika Watiti as Korg was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in ages


In what sense?


^This to Bonnie and Clyde. Fantastic film.


I saw North by Northwest for the first time at the BFI yesterday, great obviously and a big hello to the woman who exclaimed “OH I’VE SEEN THIS BEFORE” roughly 125 mins into it.


:smiley: Amazing


Just that I see what they were going for, just not sure if it worked for me. But it’s a very good film either way.


Death of Stalin - a bit of a letdown really. Still enjoyable and funny, but easily my least favourite AI project and didn’t get close to my top 10 of the year - which I would have thought was a given with the talent involved. I think his style of humour just didn’t work so well when you apply it to a situation full of murder and torture, rather than petty political squabbles. Best bits where when all the main cast were just arguing amongst themselves, as soon as you saw the wider world and the damage that was being caused it just got a little weird for me. Felt like something Chris Morris would have done better.

Slumdog Millionaire - finally watched this. For some reason I’d built it up as a grand romantic drama, so all the torture and violence was a shock - but it really worked. Loved the format of the storytelling jumping between the show and his experiences. And full of classic Danny Boyle direction too.


I enjoyed this


Florida Project. Great film, beautifully shot, great performances, could maybe have been a smidge shorter for a mood piece but I enjoyed it.


thought the lobster was really boring so will probably give this one a swerve


Oh the stuff to do with race made me kinda uncomfortable, that I’m pretty sure was intentional though.


Oh and I thought the ending worked well.


Had a Peter Weir day yesterday

Truman Show - still so great. Noticed this time that it was weird how things unravelled so suddenly and so quickly but I read a theory that it was because they were running out of money (e.g. lights falling from the sky, more prominent product placement, his dad easily getting on the set, other lazy employees) and I’m going with that.

Picnic at Hanging Rock - First time I’d seen this. One of the most unsettling films I’ve ever seen. Really great.

Master and Commander - saw this in a new light after seeing Picnic. Quite a few similarities in the mood of the film. Still love it, feels like they actually went out to sea for months to film it.


someone told me a story about slumdog millionaire that they initially shot the film based purely on his experiences and it was much more of a love story, and it wasn’t until they got it into the edit and realised that it was gonna suck that the editor came up with the idea to turn it into a who wants to be a millionaire formatted thing which they shot later on. i’m kind of amazed that danny boyle is still working and a celebrated director tbh.


Oh, also saw Death of Stalin on Friday too. Lot of people noticeably down on it in this thread. I thought it was terrific tbh. The whole point for me was that politicians are the same the world over - but the degree of license they have, and the system that has been built up around them, has vastly different consequences on the people they rule. It was also just very funny. Khrushchev trying to change positions with Malenkov at the funeral absolutely slew me.


My problem with Death of Stalin was that I just didn’t find the ‘funny’ bits that funny. The script just seemed a bit weak compared to Ianucci’s other work.


Peter Weir is amazing, a real shame he’s only done one film since Master and Commander. And for all the debate about Shakespeare in Love beating Saving Private Ryan at the Oscars, it was The Truman Show that was robbed that year (wasn’t even nominated, though Weir was)


I mean, he’s clearly at least pretty good, so dunno what to tell you :man_shrugging:


Yeah, I’d say that’s true too. It was more entertaining and distracting than funny. For as inaccurate as it was, maybe being historical and featuring “real” events was quite limiting actually?


Isn’t it an adaptation of a book about a slum-born kid winning a Who Wants To Be A Millionaire-type TV quiz?