The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



no clue, not even seen it. just like trashing danny boyle tbf.


yeah, tbh this one was kind of boring too. feels like he’s just a shit Haneke.


Reckon Jim Carrey must have done something to a number of mothers of academy members, they really don’t seem to like him. Truman Show was up for/won loads awards outside the Oscars at least.

Actually quite liked The Way Back too, pretty underrated. Come back Peter Weir!


I think after he wasn’t nominated for Eternal Sunshine (when again he should have been) he just gave up trying


I appreciate the effort though


It really irks me that he’s never been nommed when the likes of Steve Carrel and Jonah Hill have.


trying to pinpoint which Father Ted character Colin Farrell reminds me of in The Killing of a Sacred Deer.

I think it’s Eoin McLove when he’s not on TV.


Best “comedic” actor doing dramatic roles ever? Maybe Robin Williams also


I think Jonah Hill deserved his nominations!


Not saying he didn’t deserve them (thought he was great in WoWS), just that if they can give them noms then why not Carrey?? (I know this thought doesn’t really make much sense)


Takeshi Kitano is pretty good.

I watched Ace Vrntura 2 on Sunday actually because im in a big Jim Carrey thing atm but it was shit and boring

Also watched The Driller Killer. Abel Ferrara claims Bruce Willis is in it


Paddington 2 - absolutely brilliant (as is the original natch). The script and the filming are ceaselessly inventive - often feels like a live version of an Aardman animation (with a CGI bear obviously). Hugh Grant and Brendan Gleeson ham things up like crazy which helps. The peril at the end was as bad as the incinerator in the first one - stop putting this fictional talking bear in trouble please!!! Wish that the civil/reasonable Britain portrayed in these films was a real place tbh tbf :frowning:


he has a pretty strange role in the Bad Batch.


Stalin as some sort of twinkly east-end old boy was really funny to me. I liked it.


Call Me By Your Name is just utterly gorgeous and wonderful. I just… I want to live in that film. in that summer in Italy. oh my god. and the climactic speech by Ellio’s dad at the end was just… oh my god. I can’t express how it made me feel. the compassion of it was such wonderful temporary relief from the horrible cruel world we live in. as was the rest of the film, tbh.

just realised that the three best films I’ve seen this year have all been about gay men.


Watched Kaleidoscope
Bit confused


stevie carrel can be pretty good imo


I did enjoy Call Me By Your Name a lot, and thought it looked amazing and had some great moments and speeches but…it didn’t really hit me that much. Or overwhelm me if that’s a better way to phrase it.

I don’t want to compare the two of them just because they both feature same-sex couples, but I feel that My Summer of Love was a more effective, touching, engrossing version of a similar story. That made me want to live in English summer countryside forever. That was much darker of course though.



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