The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



You won’t have this attitude when the Tom Bombadil bottle episode is aired.


So you’re reducing him to a single episode? You monster.


He can still appear in other episodes. In fact whenever he’s not on screen all the other characters will be asking “Where’s Tom Bombadil?”


He is everywhere!
Over rock and under willow!
Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo!


Saw it last night, absolutely loved it. As wonderful as the first one.

We went to an evening screening so it was mainly adults, but there was one kid there who, at the last scene, very loudly went “AWWWWW”. It was the best.


Going to watch Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice just to see how bad it really is.


It’s not bad in the entertaining Star Wars prequels or the Batman Bane movie way, it’s bad in the Hobbit movies way. It’s a brutally long death march which is constantly battering you in the face with a po-faced sledgehammer of absolute bullshit.


Plus it has Jesse Eisenberg playing Jesse Eisenberg on Acid, only worse than that sounds.


Just started viewing. The opening 9/11 homage was maybe the most distasteful thing I’ve seen in any recent movie. Why do Batman movies have this fixation with 9/11, it’s all through the Nolan ones too.


Feel sorry for Supes. Can’t get top billing in his own sequel.


Got half an hour in and gave up. Al Qaeda merked Jimmy Olsen and Superman is treated with complete disdain. I hear Wonder Woman shows up later, read a synopsis of the rest of the film on wikipedia and the patterns in my ketamine vomit makes more sense tbh. Felt like Zack Snyder made a dildo full of bad CGI and fascist violence and rammed it in and around my mouth until I said the safety word (“9/11”).

10/10, would watch again.


Saw Ragnarok last week, thought it was absolutely excellent - everyone was proper hamming up throughout Goldblum was utterly bizarre, Blanchett seemed to be having loads of fun as well. Solid film.


just finished my first full rewatch of Zodiac for the first time in years. still really great, maybe the best Fincher? flies by. amazing that Jake was only like 25 at the time, him and Ruffalo <3

watched Warrior for the first time yesterday - no idea why it took me so long, easily Tom Hardy’s best film, manages to not have a shit/weird accent for once thank god. anyway it properly blew me away - the fight scenes were incredible, so realistic, and I think the tension and performances managed to overshadow the slightly hackneyed plot. 9/10 at least for me.

rewatched Spotlight again over the weekend. fucking amazing film. again, Ruffalo is amazing.

also watched Philomena for the first time last week. that was quite a nice little film. Judi Dench is brilliant in it, Coogan is pretty Coogan. good for him though.

what else have I watched… can’t remember. 2 films I turned off pretty quickly - La La Land - couldn’t work out if the opener was a joke but as soon as the second song started I turned it off. fuck that. and I loved Whiplash. glad I didn’t go to the cinema for that. also turned off Jackie after about half an hour. maybe I’ll go back to it because i usually love natalie portman but I found her voice really distracting and the film just kind of boring tbh. don’t normally give up on films but I have been watching a lot recently…


Jackie is definitely worth coming back to but maybe do a bit of reading into jfk and Jackie Onassis first? Not in a patronising way but just it’s an interesting story and it might help?




Hey, reviews for Justice League are out. Big surprise, they’re not very good (clearly Marvel have paid off the critics again!!!).


I saw some tweets from critics after the embargo was lifted yesterday. Almost all were “It’s shit, but not totally shit” which, quite frankly, sounds like the least appealing type of film ever.

Saying that, I was never going to see it anyway - the trailer looked fucking awful.




Have you seen the latest Thor film?


Forbidden Games - The Justin Fashanu story - may not tell you a huge amount if you’re already widely familiar with his story but a good catch up if you’re not and some very moving interviews with some of his friends and those around him. And one further opportunity for his brother John to be a complete thndercunt and make zero effort to even show the smallest bit of remorse for the way he disowned Justin when he came out. I fucking despise that man.