The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread

Elvis’s granddaughter, that

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As I’ve already disagreed with you on this before, I feel the point was this was a collective all with similar stories (which were explained) looking at a young and forgotten underclass of Americans trying to make their own small American dream. It also looked and sounded beautiful

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Yeah I really liked Hard to be a God. I heard it was a bit of a slog, confirmed by someone on here (@malick?) but in all honesty, I didn’t find it to be. Thought the visuals and atmosphere were some of the most “real” I’ve seen, you really felt like you were in the grim at times. I enjoyed how there was so much going on in the backgrounds as well, and sometimes the characters seemed to notice the camera and were transfixed by it

Only thing I’ve seen this year is The House at the End of the Street which is crap

Not just in the background - often our view was cluttered by things going on IN FRONT of the camera, which made things feel even more grimly claustrophobic. Also, nobody in the film seems to have any concept of - or respect for - personal space. It’s suffocating, and the more I think about it, the harder I’m finding it to pin down just why I liked it so much.

I think for me it’s because it’s a rewarding experience really. Feel there’s a lot to gain out of reward viewings

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Saw Silence last night.

A film that takes an hour and a half before it gets remotely good. Got the feeling that Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield should have played each other’s roles.

The Japanese actors ran rings around the western cast.

One of the few films where I would have preferred to read the book.

You leave her alone. She’s not for you.

But no, I haven’t seen it.

Inferno - Really didn’t like this at all. Everything felt incredibly hammy and the constant flashes of ‘hellish’ imagery became very tiresome. Everyone was overacting to the point of hilarity also. My favourite scene though was the drone chase which really tickled me. I think the only thing I took from the film was that I would like to visit Florence someday. 3/10

10 Cloverfield Lane is a great film, but then again I do absolutely love JJ Abrams so it’s unsurprising that I loved it really.

Watched Edge Of Tomorrow again last night. Not sure it really makes any sense but it’s bloody good fun and very well made.

I’m watching London has Fallen. It’s…wonderfully bad.

Dialogue wow:

“Why don’t you boys pack up your shit and head back to fuckheadistan or wherever it is you’re from?”

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Ha yes, sort of! I think I need to see a film that I can associate Florence with in a better way though…

I watched this yesterday:

It was very entertaining and made me want to watch the film it’s about to see if it’s as bad as it sounds. Can anyone confirm?

Ahh really wanna watch this, still haven’t seen Olympus Has Fallen though tbf. Looks like a really great mindless rubbish action film :+1:

I’ve been on the piss with her before. Lovely person.

it looks racist and awful

  1. Sausage Party - watchable if you want something stupid and funny to watch. The orgy scene felt like it was a bit much! :grinning:

  2. Kubo and the Two Strings - loved this. It’s a stunning stop motion film with a really nice story. If you liked Song of the Sea then you’ll probably like this, as it’s in a similar vein with the whole folklore-y story.

  3. Albatross - Hadn’t watched anything on Mubi for a month or so and decided to give this a go as it seemed more lighthearted than a lot of the other current offerings (and with a return to work looming I didn’t want anything too pensive). It’s a cool film with a good cast and the characters are all well developed. Would recommend.

  4. Nocturnal Animals - thought this was visually stunning (as you’d expect) though would have benefitted from being longer. I felt like something was lacking; it had everything there to be amazing but it didn’t get going enough. I know that it’s a ‘story within a story’ but the two felt disjointed and I would have liked to see Amy Adams’ character’s reaction a bit more. Jake Gyllenhaal was brilliant as the husband/dad, but again I felt there was more to his character that I would have liked to have seen.

just gonna list films i’d actually recommend in this thread, no point otherwise
went to see La La Land, really enjoyed it. weirdly for a musical though felt it was let down by the actual songwriting, most of them were pretty nondescript. everything else about it was great. always been a fan of Ryan G’s singing voice

Last night I tried to watch sausage party but had to turn it off after 6 minutes, which is a new record for me opting out of a film I think. Embarrassing and woeful on every level. Maybe I just hate bro-fun?

Instead I watched Bernie, which was bloody great. Really routed for the guy. I really liked the way it’s shot, with the mix of acting and genuine / half scripted testimonies from the townsfolk.