The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



you should watch this instead then:


couldnt think of a more miserable experience then going to see The Room where people join in and chuck spoons and fuck that right off


I’d never seen The Room but watched a compilation of best bits on YouTube with a pal prior. The Disaster Artist were great and didn’t feel like I was missing anything.


Nicely summed up (Good Time).


need some more films to add to my cinema paradiso list, i’m running out! got anything to recommend that i’d like anyone? especially @noise_ramones @TKC @Steved but anyone really


Whats cinema paradiso, is there a list to choose from?


same as lovefilm


Hmm tough as you have probably seen most of what I would suggest and I am not sure what they would carry.

I would go for any of

Raw (reckon you have seen this though)
Ashes and Diamonds
Michael (Austrian one)
The Last of Sheila

Decent spread of stuff there I think


have only seen ugetsu, will check em. cheers!


which confessions is that?


The japanese one with the Boris soundtrack. Thats probably the weakest of the lot but still worth a look.

I woild go for Michael, made by an old Haneke cohort


oh actually i have seen that. kiyoshi kurosawa did a tv remake of it which was loads better


Ah ill have a look for that


think i could only find it on a torrent with dodgy subtitles, but i love him so had to bear it


Have seen and would recommend both of these (although Michael is a VERY tough watch). Also Sorcerer’s just come out on DVD if you’ve not seen that before.


probably got enough suggestions but but having browsed their catalogue very briefly I’d say these are worth a watch:
Son of Saul
The Wailing
The Pawnbroker
seen any Fassbinder? The Merchant of Four Seasons is good
Stations of the Cross is pretty decent, don’t think it got much coverage
Muriel (it’s no Last Year at Marienbad, but what is? there’s a possibility you’d find this annoying actually)

seems like there’s some quite good stuff available on it! better than streaming stuff anyway


nice, not seen any of those. have added a bunch of these, thanks all.

keep meaning to watch another zulawski film as well. what’s best to go to next after possession?


The Wailing and Son of saul are on Netflix if you use that


The guy who made an Ashes and Diamonds made another film on a train which is ace, cant recall what its called though


think the Pawnbroker might be as well actually

@ericthefourth I’d say … maybe That Most Important Thing: Love? The Third Part of the Night was relatively normal, still good. On the Silver Globe is really bizarre, unfinished and kinda unbearable at points (it’s 3 hours or so), but it might be my favourite