The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Is this the Sorcerer you mean w/ Roy Scheider, 1977?


I imagine it is, its a Wages of Fear remake


added a bunch of modern japanese stuff i don’t really know much about. anyone seen any of these:

Moe no Suzaku
The Mourning Forest
Our Little Sister
Sweet Bean
Love and Peace
Memories of Matsuko
Like Father, Like Son

someone on here is a Koreeda fan… possibly steved?


I love Kore-Eda. Our Little Sister is very sweet and I liked it a lot, though you may find it too sweet, it’s not exactly rife with conflict anyway. Like Father Like Son (nothing to do with the Dudley Moore film!) is good but one of his weaker films I think, the characterisation is a lot more cliche than you usually get with him. After Life, Nobody Knows, Still Walking and I Wish are all directed by him and are all genius. His most recent film After the Storm is very good too.

Tampopo is a very good 80s ‘ramen western’ with a young Ken Watanabe. It’s about a woman who runs a ramen restaurant and tries to improve it with the help of two guys, and it’s occasionally interspersed with vignettes relating to food


hmm that’s a shame, they’re the only films of his they have on bluray. they have some of the others on DVD but i’ve banished DVDs from my life forever.


Saw The Big Sick finally, enjoyed it a lot, quite a sweet tale, makes sense that it’s a true story though, not sure it would be as richly nuanced otherwise


Death of Stalin

Excellent performances throughout and the juxtaposition of laugh out loud moments set to the backdrop of an utterly terrifying regime had the effect of really emphasising how awful those times under Stalin and directly afterwards were. The dialogue being in English, complete with regional accents, really worked to diffuse a lot of the tension and to convey the complexities of governance. Loved the ‘look at your face’ scene between Khrushchev and Zhukov. Everyone in the cinema burst out laughing at that one.


jim & andy - jim carrey really is an insufferable prick


Agreed. Thought the doc was really good and interesting though.


Doc is probably more interesting than the film.

One day we’re going to have to watch a Jared Leto version of this about Suicide Squad aren’t we…



That is extremely accurate


Thought he seemed pretty likable in the interview, during filming though, christ.


even during the interview session he seems to start to lose it, I seem to remember him saying something a bit #problematic towards the end


he’s a massive pseudo-intellectual. obviously i struggle to get on board with the whole ‘i wasn’t me I was Andy’ bollocks from the start, but some of the shit he says about why he was such a massive edgelord (wrestling women was to weed out those who can’t hack it! i only called someone a black bastard cos andy would’ve done it!) is just stuff that after 20 years you’d think he’d have had time to reflect on and go… hmm… maybe not.

also he’s a massive anti-vaxxer so fuck. him.


I dunno, I do think he had a bit of a mental episode during filming this given what was going on in his personal life and his upbringing, he/the film wouldn’t mention it otherwise, but the stuff about “fate” and “free will” gets into a bit of troubling territory and yeah the anti-vaccine stuff can get tae fuck


These are pretty much all ace.


watched Onibaba which was fantastic, slow building, atmospheric as shit, really great

also that Greta Gerwig film is the best reviewed film ever on Rotten Tomatoes


Tried to watch Mudbound but Netflix was being a dickhead.
Watched My Life as a Courgette on Prime instead. Bloody lovely. Might have had something in my eye for a bit there.
Also, do you think they changed it to My Life as a Zucchini in the US?


yes, it is known as ‘My Life as a Zucchini’ is pretty much everywhere other than UK


It was indeed known as my Life as a Zucchini.