The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Fuck. I snooze I lose.


Onibaba is really good

I watched Everybody Wants Some!! the other day. I wasn’t expecting to like a film entirely about stupid frat boys to be so likeable


Maybe no one’s interested, or maybe it’s too much like hard work anyway, but what would people think about a poll for DiS’s films of the year? I might have the time to put it together if people were into the idea.


kept thinking about that famous laurence olivier / dustin hoffman anecdote whenever carrey was being a complete throbber

Upon being asked by his co-star how a previous scene had gone, one in which Hoffmann’s character had supposedly stayed up for three days, Hoffmann admitted that he too had not slept for 72 hours to achieve emotional verisimilitude. “My dear boy,” replied Olivier smoothly, “why don’t you just try acting?”


I’d be into it and was actually thinking something similar as some are going up now, for instance:


Yeah there’d probably be less engagement and a smaller variety of options (as bet people here listen to more new albums than they see new films) but could still be fun and interesting. There’s plenty of films that are thorough divisive in this thread so that should result in some fun arguments!


think i only saw like two new films this year

  1. happy end
  2. blade runner 2


I will take part after I have seen Happy End


i’ve been thinking about it lately and have decided i liked it more than i thought. upping it to an 8/10


Out this weekend on general release isnt it? Going to go Monday

Think Raw is gonna be my number 1, maybs Toni Erdmann


dying to see it not in a room full of people


Aye i think a midday Monday showing will be just fine.

Saying that, saw Kaleidoscope at that time.and before some old bore was telling people how he was a BAFTA voter and its not fair how Kevin Spacey has been treated


think i may finally give up on the cinema in 2k18


He was a right know it all, just bragging about what he had done. Sucn a bore.


Watching Dead or Alive now, it is shit


THE video game?


Nahh that Takashi Miike one. Was gonna watch the triology but foook that


gonna go see it on friday morning in brixton, hopefully it’ll be completely empty


Can’t think of a film that appeals to me less than that.



films are still much better at the cinema. just go in the middle of a weekday and it’s fine. (obviously the best experience requres you not having a job)