The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Nah, seeing things with a proper audience around you is great - just need to have a good cinema with good customers.


HD tv and bluray, good speakers, no twats (apart from me hurr hurr). Easy peasy, loads better.


Really? Haneke is a champ


Nothing I’ve read about his films, even in the most glowing reviews, tempts me at all. Just feels like the themes and areas that he explores are the exact things that I strive to avoid in the art I consume.


You should watch Cache at least


Oh will probably see killing of a sacred deer soon. I’ll put that above blade runner 2.


guess that set-up beats watching things on a laptop



You should come over and watch some movies somewhen


Yeah as @Severed799 said at least give Cache a go, its incredibly well done. The first film I remember seeing where I was poring over materials online after


It’s great if not utterly pointlessly bleak. Definitely more Dogtooth than Lobster.


Woohoo \o/


That’s the only one where the summary of the story didn’t make me feel uncomfortable and annoyed, so maybe I will.


I’d be up for that, feels like it’s been awhile since we’ve done anything. get louis involved, it’ll be like old times (2014)


He is my favourite director, only duffer is Time of the Wolf and that is still good. He doesnt do films to shock, there is a real depth to the stories. Funny Games may be an exception but thats just a bit cheeky as opposed to nasty


Watched Victor/Victoria last night, one thing I’ll never understand is why Blake Edwards is not held in the same regard as Billy Wilder. I think in time people will see he was, at his best, a stone cold genius. As Ebert says of V/V and this is also true of many of his others (‘10’, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, etc…) it’s not just that the film is so funny but that it’s about likeable people.

Anyway that’s my annual I heart Blake Edwards spiel done for another year.


:smiley: it’s pretty nasty, man


Molly’s Game - Went to an Unlimited secret screening of this yesterday where you didn’t know what you were seeing until it started. Lol’d when it was this as my gf hates Chastain for some reason and has been moaning about the trailer for this for weeks now. It’s way too long and way too Sorkiny but sort of ok I guess? I think Chastain is superb but I hope her next role is a departure from this and the Miss Sloane style, cold, calculated character though. Lots of uncomfortably gratuitous cleavage shots in this also.


I dunnooo I think its him being a bit cheeky really!


it’s him going

‘like violence, do you america? well here’s some violence!! like that do you? and how about THIS!? THIS IS VIOLENT ISN’T IT! AREN’T WE ALL HAVING FUN EH? OOH CHILD MURDER! WHAT A GREAT TIME WE’RE ALL HAVING’

feel like it’s a necessary film but also quite a nasty one


I agree. No desire to ever sit through it a second time.