The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



I watched Paprika, what on earth was that about?


haha sorry


It’s great. I’ve only seen that and Perfect Blue, really should see other Satoshi Kon stuff.



That is quite an annoying video, is there a list?


No idea. I think his annual videos are always great.


Ah OK, here we go (full of spoilers though I think)


Thanks! I’ll read very gingerly


I think the list has Baby Driver and Personal Shopper in it, so most people here should avoid it for the sake of their blood pressure.


the rest of the list is decent though :wink:


Okja was a whole load of nothing really. And how is A Ghost Story, I’m very onboard with the concept but haven’t read much about the reaction.


I really, really loved A Ghost Story. It had a real slow burn growth on me, came out of the cinema liking it but sat with it and grew to fall completely in love with it the more it lingered on me. There’s one section I would completely get rid of but it’s one of my favourites of the year for sure.


Pie scene? That’s the only thing I’ve heard about it haha


No, loved the pie scene. Nothing spoilery but there’s one section that is incongruously expository that I could very much do without.


Planning to watch it soon so I will report back!


Had a quick look on Cinema Paradiso today and was delighted to find this:

Might be up your street.


Not seen either yet, ghost story is out here soon though


Okja should have been disqualified from any list for Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance alone.


I’m a huge JG stan but yeah that was an…interesting acting choice. There’s chewing the scenery and then there taking a piss all over it.


Yeah, what’s baffling is he’s a really good actor. But god knows what he or the director were thinking here. When it comes to scenery chewing, Tilda Swinton in the director’s previous film Snowpiercer is a lot more enjoyable anyway.