The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



I’ve been meaning to see that for ages, worthwhile?

Also I always wonder, at what point in his career did directors stop trying to get Nic Cage to tone things down? Like was he this full-on and crazed in high school plays?


Aside from Joe, I think Adaptation was the last time Cage was understated in a film. The Wicker Man remake seemed to tip him over the edge.

I really liked Snowpiercer, annoyed it never got a proper release in the UK.


I love a good (bad) Nic Cage performance. The problems often start when he begins toning things down.


I hated Adaptation so much, to the point where I know I should rewatch because I’m sure I’d feel differently now. But hard to motivate yourself to do something you expect to dislike.

He’s one of my favourites in whatever he does, always entertaining. Did you ever see Moonstruck? That’s a perfect OTT performance that still works for the film.


I haven’t. I need to seek out a LOT more of his films to be honest, but getting them all past Mrs Z may be a struggle.


I try to sell it this way - 80s rom com, Nic Cage, Cher. It’s a pretty successful strategy.

He was good in Matchstick Men too but didn’t quite like the film as much as the reviews did overall.


Oh cool, def gonna see if I get into this!


Caught up with The Death of Stalin.

A very rare example of a black comedy that is both really funny and extremely upsetting. A very queasy watch.

The moment when Jeffrey Tambor is airbrushed out of the final credits seems apposite.




I actually thought it was pretty incredible. I had no idea of the story, and it was one of the most tense and upsetting things I’ve seen in recent memory.


Film twitter are wetting themselves because Sight and Sound have included Twin Peaks in their best of the year rundown. Top 21 here

  1. Get Out, dir: Jordan Peele
  2. Twin Peaks: The Return, dir: David Lynch
  3. Call Me by Your Name, dir: Luca Guadagnino
  4. Zama, dir: Lucrecia Martel
  5. Western, dir: Valeska Grisebach
  6. Faces Places, dir: Agnes Varda
  7. Good Time, dirs: Ben and Josh Safdie
  8. Loveless, dir: Andrey Zvyagintsev
  9. Dunkirk, dir: Christopher Nolan
  10. The Florida Project, dir: Sean Baker
  11. A Ghost Story, dir: David Lowery
  12. You Were Never Really Here, dir: Lynne Ramsay
  13. BPM, dir: Robin Campillo
  14. Lady Macbeth, dir: William Oldroyd
  15. God’s Own Country, dir: Francis Lee
  16. The Shape Of Water, dir: Guillermo del Toro
  17. Let the Sunshine In, dir: Claire Denis
  18. Mudbound, dir: Dee Rees
  19. Strong Island, dir: Yance Ford
  20. I Am Not Your Negro, dir: Raoul Peck
  21. Personal Shopper, dir: Olivier Assayas


As is usually the case with S&S, quite a few haven’t come out here yet.


what’s the reasoning for including a tv show? attempting to manufacture controversy?


watched the lost city of zzzzz last night. dull as fuck.


My film of the year is a tie between the Kendrick Lamar album (dir. Kendrick Lamar) and the FA Cup final (dir. Jose Mourinho)


Ooh a new Lynne Ramsay film! Has anyone seen that?


Not sure, the full list comes out at 11 so maybe they’ll be something along with that - Lynch basically said he saw it as an 18 hour film but if you don’t release it as that then… shrug.

Mudbound was straight to Netflix too which will piss off cinema purists too.


Yes I saw it at LFF. It is incredible. Out here in March.


bag of chips w/ brown sauce (dir mario’s fish bar) is only just making my top 5


the netflix films debate is more interesting. is it a film if it’s never in a cinema? (dunno)