The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Oh the 5 ferries bike ride was good (dir. @japes)


seems a bit lamestream by their standards


Enjoyed Good Time but didn’t think it was the wild original film a lot of reviews seemed to suggest. It’s pretty similar in tone and execution to You Were Never Really Here which is a far superior film.

The OPN score is great musically, but I felt it sometimes overpowered the film and I often felt more like I was watching a music video for a new Oneohtrix album then a film. R-Patz is good but I’ve always rated him as an actor regardless .A few really good standout scenes - the dye bomb exploding, the backstory to the guy from the hospital, the aerial shot of the chase in the streets and him falling to his death.

Cringed horrifically when they poured the acid in to Barkhad Abdi’s mouth, that’s basically my nightmare

The volume at the Curzon Bloomsbury was far too low, usually would get up to complain but would have to squeezed past so many people and the projector itself to tell staff. Really annoying considering how pricey it is there.


based on a book by Jonathan Ames of Bored To Death fame! count me in


Zama wouldn’t be in the top four films that I saw at the LFF, let alone of the year.

Aside from a comedy llama in one scene, it’s shite.


Couldn’t find anywhere playing Good Time around me, unless it came and went in an instant.


Ooh this is on at the BFI at the moment, might go tonight.



film4 has interesting looking docs over the next 3 nights- ‘no home movie’, ‘uncle howard’ and ‘all this panic’


i watched Arq on Netflix which was a nice idea if boringly done, and The Comfort of Strangers which I really enjoyed, an extremely unsettling air about it


Of course they are. People don’t say things aren’t films because they watched them on VHS or albums aren’t albums because they weren’t released on Vinyl. Why should Netflix and Prime be any different?


The Christopher Walken thing set in Venice? We studied the novel for A-Level English. Ian McEwan is a twisted sadistic guy.


I loved it. It got an early digital release too.

Went back and watched Heaven Knows What and enjoyed that too.


did you like her other films? I thought La Ciénaga was really good

also is Call Me by Your Name actually good? I find it hard to believe anything with Armie Hammer in is going to be good


I know it shouldn’t bother me, but hate when lists are completely inconsistent about release dates. That Sight and Sound one has Silence and Moonlight on it as well a ton of films that aren’t out here yet, both of those came out in 2016 in the US.

I liked Get Out but really don’t think it’s up there as the best film of the year like Sight and Sound and Empire have rated it. It’s a well made thriller-comedy with a social commentary edge, but is it really much more than that? Absolute 8/10 and nothing more.


I seem to be out on my own with it in being underwhelmed but that was specifically because of Armie Hammer’s character. The main central performance is incredible though.


Moonlight and Personal Shopper were on last year’s list too


Clue probably in the word “international” critics poll




Oh yeah of course, probably wouldn’t include Moonlight in my list (if I bother to do one) as I saw it in 2016


depends on the rules if we do a vote here (are we?) if it’s UK release then of course I’ll include it (again because it’s the best film of the last two years)