The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



I reckon we should do a UK release poll


I was fairly underwhelmed too. Struggled to get too excited by what two rich white guys got up to on their rich white guy holiday.


who was it who said they were into counting it up? shall we do a quick poll to gauge interest?

Shall we do an end of year best of poll?

  • Yes
  • No

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If so by what criteria?

  • UK Release Date
  • “Original” release date

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Aye, lot’s of this. The Chalamet performance was more than good enough for me to be invested in him a lot but Armie Hammer’s character was just an unbearably smug, privileged bellend that I can’t imagine anyone wanting to spend any time at all with whatsoever. Would have been more interested in the story being told through the eyes of the locals and housekeepers just constantly rolling their eyes at these privileged dickheads they had to spend their time looking after.


Probably my fave of the decade tbh


Up for it still?




Yep its on Netflix! Didnt know a lot about it, thought it waa really good thouhh


haha alright @Steved we see u


Just going back through this Thread 'cos I haven’t been in for a while and this is practically word for word what I said after watching it. Almost exactly the same. Spooky.


Also when did people stop calling him Nicolas Cage and start calling him Nic Cage? Was there a definite switchover point?

Think social media’s got something to do with it tbh.


The wire, for me


I don’t remember much about the film tbh, although I Walken was very well suited to his character. I hated the novel, so I think I came to the film already fairly biased against it. Might have a re-watch if it’s on Netflix.


For sure, was just thinking about it today. I’ll make a thread now then


In my “best films of 2017” thread (pending), do we:

  • Include films with a 2017 UK release date (even if we saw them in 2016 as film festival wankers)
  • Only include things we actually saw this year

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Sorry @Severed799 just saw your earlier poll! The people have decided.


Come one, come all



If it’s things we’ve seen this year then commando will just clean up yet again. Got to give some other films a chance imo


While trying to jog my memory on stuff released this year I ended up in the BBC comments on a kermode half year list, did not dissapoint