The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread





My friend’s dad gave up on Breaking Bad in episode 1. While everyone else was debating “did he break bad when he did this thing, or that thing, or was he always the good guy”, he just saw that Walt planned to deal drugs and that was enough to make him the bad guy forever and make the show unwatchable.


The Youtube comments (I know I know …) about the number of female fronted/directed films in Kermode’s lists never fails to piss me off.


Can’t wait to see them all huffing with rage when he puts Toni Erdmann at No. 1 this year


I almost feel sorry for Armie Hammer after that buzzfeed savaging.




obviously I didn’t read it, but the main thing that staggered me about that piece was how fucking long it was. what a massive, massive waste of time & effort.


Saw this at LFF and was mightily disappointed as I love The Arbor and The Selfish Giant. Barnard still does great things in relation to space and place but the plot is so hackneyed - the writing felt more like something from Emmerdale. After some great British rural films recently, this really felt like a let-down.


He’s now going to star in a Broadway production called Straight White Men. I think this is his way of winding up whatever idiot wrote that article


I skimmed it, it seemd to basically amount to ‘he’s a rich white guy who’s been in a load of films that weren’t very good’ repeated endlessly.


This Jurassic World sequel already sounds even worse than its predecessor.


Just watched The Fountain on Mubi



I’m still waiting for Jurassic Park 4: Raptors in Space.

(And yes, that plot summary makes zero sense).


would watch


Finally got round to Killing of a Sacred Deer which was really good. Story ran out of steam a bit towards the end but I can’t remember a better shot and directed film this year. Considering Lanthimos’ history with domestic animals I’m surprised the dog made it to the end.


I really hope the trailer for Darkest Hour isn’t an accurate reflection of the film, because if it is, Gary Oldman is going to win an Oscar for one of the most horribly hammy performances ever.


about to watch candyman on bluray

  • good idea
  • meh idea
  • baa-aa-aad idea

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Good idea unless you don’t like having the shit scared out of you


i love it!


I loved that film. Meant largely zero, great soundtrack, looked really interesting, great length.