The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Really? It was such po faced pretention it was impossible to warm to


Yeah. I can totally see how someone would view it as pretentious. For me though it had enough vagueness and a certain tone that meant trying to read too much into it was futile, if you get me. It was just a visual spectacle with some broad brush strokes that took in love and death without descending into repetitive heavy handed attempts at depth.


Just went to see thr Disaster Artist at the Prince Charles. Perfect place to see it, laughed throughout, Franco is brilliant. Hard to know how funny it is if you haven’t seen The Room but I mean, just watch The Room first, it’s incredible.


Ah fair enough! I fo normally like Aronofsky (Noah aside) but I thought this was a decent idea poorly executed


I genuinely think Noah is really underrated. There are some really bonkers elements to it that when you watch it you can’t believe it ever got made.


Bring on 2018


This is surely a film worth waiting for:


wording makes it sound like a dinosaur trainer under the employ of Chrisp Ratt rather than a character in the film


I tried watching Gaspar Noe’s Love 3D but it was just awful, turned it off after half an hour. I usually have time for him but this was utterly bereft of anything worthwhile.

Candyman was decent!


Same as mother! then?


Except it made a ton of cash


Which one?



A Ghost Story then…

Some serious pie eating m9



Nah I quite enjoyed this for what it was, though there was a very distracting couple laughing at EVERYTHING (although lol at them at the jump-scares), it’s quite beautiful in its strange, sad, quiet way.

Big fan of Will Oldham’s cameo too


That’s the bit I hated.


I mean it’s a majorly unsubtle (and at odds) scene for sure but it’s important within the loose narrative and I felt Oldham played it well (he might have just been playing himself for all I know). The whole thing is essentially about an existential crisis, that speech just offers the alternative view to the major narrative presented here.

Was terrified it was going to go in tree of life territory towards the end but


That’s the thing I took issue with really, how at odds with the rest of the film it was. Just an enormous incongruous chunk of exposition delivered by an unbearable character. Felt like a bizarre choice


The Fits is reet good