The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



It gets pretty wild in its second half


High Rise was pretty bad but it always remained watchable.


*pretty nonsensical and rushed




Free Fire - dumb but reasonably entertaining.


I would like that on my gravestone


I see Ghost in the Shell has tanked in the US. Would be kind of funny if its box office got rescued by China and Japan.


Finally got round to watching Leviathan on Friday night (the Russian one). Damn. Amazing.


Yeah, I can’t imagine I’ll ever finish it. His films have got progressively less interesting.


just been to see it. ghost in the meh-ll.


Top Five has been put on Netflix, really enjoyable film that


Saw Free Fire and Get Out in a free double bill yesterday.

Had to leave Free Fire about 25 minutes before the end, couldn’t watch it any longer. Possibly the worst script I’ve ever had the misfortune of listening to. Every joke fell flat, nothing about it engaged me whatsoever. It was only wanting to not seem rude to my housemate that I sat there so long. Dogshit.

Get Out on the other hand was tight, tense, funny and immensely enjoyable. Really liked it.


Haha. Oh dear. Was Get Out on first?


No, Get Out was second. :slight_smile:

I was glad to stretch my legs before the next film started.


The Salesman - Very tense and well played, not quite matching the highs of A Separation of About Elly but he has such a strong talent for storytelling that so many directors fail at.

Lost City of Z - Struggling to understand the hype for this. R Patz very good but Charlie Hunnam, good GOD what a complete charisma-sponge. Goes on forever too.

Walk Hard - Fun spoof about a country singer starring John C Rilley. Perfect hungover Sunday fare.


I was genuinely surprised about how bad High Rise was. I thought that I could watch any film with that amount of modernist architecture/design in it, no matter how bad. I was wrong.


Yeah I had a 100% hit rate with Ben Wheatley until then. Don’t have much hope for Free Fire now, either.


Paterson. Thought this was alright. Was a pleasant watch overall and very sweet in parts. Although I think that if you’re going to make one of those “its-not-really-about-anything-but-it’s-also-about-everything” films then it needs to be a bit more profound I think. Richard Linklater would’ve made a much better film out of it I think.

Do not understand the critical praise for this film which was near universal and was talking about it being a uniquely profound film. It really, really isn’t.


Sightseers is a genuine low budget gem.

A Field in England and High Rise are both style over substance (the former being alright the latter being an actual stinker).

Free Fire looks again like style over substance. Looks like it could be quite fun but I have decided I can’t be bothered to dedicate the time to watching it and I’m pretty content with that.


Free Fire
Seems fairly divisive, I enjoyed it but I am easily pleased.

Some great performances and they’re obv having great fun. It is basically Wheatley doing a Tarantino film; take one scene and stretch it out into a whole film, snappy dialogue, lots of people getting shot etc.