The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Ive added him to my list of directors i wont watch again.


I’ll go to Free Fire, but Wheatley is in the last chance saloon with me. There’s always good stuff in his films, but also an alarming amount of not very good at all.

It’s been mentioned elsewhere, but he really needs to stop working with Amy Jump, at least for a while.


Someone on my Twitter is ranting a lot about Free Fire at the moment, it’s kind of funny.


I think its the potential “snappy dialogue” that’s putting me off seeing it and I imagine it could end up being pretty tiresome after half an hour. I just don’t see the point in making a Tarantino film without adding anything to it, maybe if it was done in a single take or something I’d be more interested.



Thinking about it, I only really loved Down Terrace… and maybe Kill List. I watched Sightseers again recently and had a similar feeling to the one I had when I rewatched Shaun of the Dead. I most of it pretty trite.


There’s barely a single line of believable dialogue in it.

And the jokes are so obvious and poorly delivered.

I was embarrassed to be human.


Amy Jump’s his wife no?

I enjoyed Free Fire for what it was, nothing more, nothing less


Ghost in the Shell. Polished to a brilliant shine, but a turd all the way.


Free Fire was absolutely fine. If I was the kind of person who rated films out of ten I would give it six and then deduct a point for trying to make a cult film, which no-one should ever try to do.


Just saw Free Fire. What a load of tedious nonsense. Like all the worst bits from every tarantino film


Blimey, it’s really splitting opinion eh!


I think it’s shit but of course i havent seen it and never will thunderbirds.gif


Tomorrow We Move. Pointless


Can see why people wouldn’t like it but don’t really get how it’s managed to annoy some people as much as it has. Something has to plummet to Frances Ha levels of awful to annoy me that much in 90 minutes or less.


Went to see Free Fire

Really wanted to like it, but it was a bit meh…


Armie Hammer, Brie Larson, Cillian Murphy et al all came into the pub (the Great Eastern, for anyone who cares) but couldn’t find a decent-sized table. My friends and I moved to a smaller table for them, so Armie Hammer bought us all pints and repeatedly called us “legends”. Armie Hammer—good guy.

I thought Free Fire looked a bit shit though, sort of annoyed you’ve recommended it 'cause now I have to go see it.


I can never remember what Armie Hammer looks like. I don’t know what it is but even though I’ve seen him in loads of stuff I couldn’t pick him out of a crowd. See also: Jason Sudeikis.


Yeah, Jason Sudeikis looks like everyone, and Armie Hammer just looks like an action figure


Get Out - brilliant film, well deserving of the praise. Just the right amount of humour (Ron was brilliant), bit of horror and creeping suspense. A lot, LOT better than so many horror films I’ve seen recently. Thought old tea leaf from Pyshcoville was excellent in the lead.

Only bit I didn’t like much was the brother who was annoying and wanted to be a cross between Rupert “punk as fuck” Grint and Theon Greyjoy. Fairly satisfying when he got his head smashed in


Love the Great Eastern