The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Thought you were talking about the Delgados album for a moment :frowning:



Aquarius - Wow this is fantastic. Same director as Neighbouring Sounds and similar themes of gentrification and class but with a sexual undertone thrown in for good measure. 2 1/2 hours flew by. My film of 2017 so far (that isn’t Moonlight)


Have had the DVD of this sitting on the shelf for about three years. Bought it the same time as The Act of Killing and, for some reason, have never been in the mood to sit down and watch either…


Another thumbs up for Get Out here. Absolutely brilliant.


Yeah - I also had a copy for about 2 years but only just got round to watching it. I think a combination of the title, the cover, the synopsis and the running time make it sound like a slog. But the 141mins fly by - it’s actually quite funny in places which I wasn’t expecting.


Thought it was quite funny that the film is rated 18 for about a minute’s worth of sex scenes whereas stuff like Logan gets a 15 and people are getting eviscerated left, right and centre. I know that’s the way of things of course.


The first half is surprisingly funny in places I agree, then it gets depressing as fuck. Maybe we needed that early humour to make it easier to bear! Very good film though, yeah.


Indeed though I think if you show an erect penis its an instant 18 - same thing happened with The Idiots. Seems daft but there we are.


Ah I really wanted to see this but ran out of time at my place last week, LOVED Neighbouring Sounds


Holy Motors too


The Idiots deserved an 18 for how shit it was


Still tempted despite the mixed reviews. Sounds like the sort of thing I’d like.


It’s completely fine, if it’s your cup of tea you’ll find something to enjoy in it


Not sure that’s the case, as Under the Skin is only a 15.


oh nice, yeah I’ll definitely check this. wouldn’t say I LOVED Neighbouring Sounds but there were some really good ideas and I’m interested to see what the director does next.



The Idiots shows actual penetration doesn’t it?


Lots of interesting photos of old cinemas here


Watching rear window for the first time.


Probs my fav Hitchcock