The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Certainly does Clive


what did you think of the ending?


aye all just really, really beautifully done. Obviously some dodgy representation of women but that’s par for the course with Hitchcock innit.

@incandenza I quite liked it I think. I like the way it kinda looks like a tied up in a neat little package sort of ending but then everything still has that feeling of not sitting quite right.

Yeah, big fan of it


finally went to see Logan this afternoon. bloody great. I had a revelation halfway through, feeling like it was genuinely one of the best films I’d ever seen. idk if I felt so afterwards, but I really was delighted with it overall.

[spoiler]even after everything that’s been said here, I was taken aback by the natural feel of the character-driven scenes. the look, the dialogue, the pacing, it all meant that the action when it arrived felt legitimately thrilling. I normally couldn’t give a fuck about FIGHTING and EXPLOSIONS and anything of the sort, but I was totally disarmed by that point. the entirity of the scene at the refinery or whatever it was genuinely had me on the edge of my seat.

I also really loved the scenes where yer man Jean Luc had his psychic freakouts - the scene at the hotel was properly electric. there was something really interesting going on with the film stock at those points, which was another one of these little creative touches that took me by surprise.

Merchant was fine; I thought the tone of the film was such that he didn’t feel as disruptive as I expected. like, it already felt unconventional, it didn’t feel incongruous because it already felt like new ground for a blockbuster film.

the acting was pretty good across the board, excellent in some cases - especially for something that you would expect to be broad strokes. lots of tropey stuff like @saps says (main bad dude in the limo at the start was a bit of an eyeroller), but Dafne Keen was pretty beguiling for a child actor, and Jackman & Stewart were exceptional.

I was disappointed we didn’t get more of Richard E Grant, as I thought the ambiguity he brought to his role was remarkable. you just don’t get that kind of nuance in big films very often, do you?

relieved to hear that other people thought the last bit of the film was a bit meh, though. I realised I needed the WC with about a half-hour to go, and couldn’t enjoy it, didn’t know if it was ruining something good.

I found both Xavier and Wolverine’s deaths difficult to accept. it just felt weird, I couldn’t reconcile the gritty mortality the film was aiming for with the feeling of immortality their comic book origins give them. both just felt anticlimactic when juxtaposed with the action stuff. plus, the music (that was so good to begin with) suddenly became really simplistic and pushy in trying to force pathos.

also couldn’t help noticing modern day Hollywood’s teal and orange proclivity pushing through the otherwise quite nice colour-palette at points. they drove a teal car through the orange desert ffs! in clothes that were near-enough teal.[/spoiler]


ahh, okay.

see, I really hoped you’d say that you fucking hated it, that it felt like the Springfield Retirement Castle “I love you. Let’s remarry.” edit of 'Gone with the Wind", but fair enough.

that is how I felt, you see.


Free Fire - Yeah, not great. Had a few chuckles at the first half hour (“He was misdiagnosed as a genius as a child and never recovered”) but once the shootout started I pretty much zoned out. It’s hard to care about characters you’re told nothing about and it outstays its welcome, even at 90 minutes. Oh, Ben. I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you etc etc.


Watched Anomalisa last night. Really enjoyed it, nicely understated for the most part, I liked the idea of everyone having the same voice and face, there’s something in that I can kind of relate to at times. And I absolutely adored the level of detail and realism in the animations.


Watched We Are The Best!. Absolutely terrific in the way it captures the way youngish children interact with each other and adults. Also glad to see Lukas Moodysson back to making a film that didn’t leave you suicidal.


Watched The Merchant of Four Seasons. What a lovely light hearted romp


Felt a little bit like the ending of Blue Velvet to me, in that it goes so over the top with that saccharine ending that something just doesn’t sit right IDK.

Maybe I’m giving the ending the benefit of the doubt for how good the rest of the film is


Anyone seen Graduation? Might go tonight


OOOH or the showroom are showing Fear Eats The Soul which I’ve never seen. Please advise


love this film


I enjoyed Graduation. It’s really good on how doing favours for people with the best of intentions turns into something more sinister when the circle of people involved widens.


It’s pretty good though I think it’s not as good as 4 Months and Beyond the Hills were.


really good! I mean, bleak AF, and quite spare, but definitely worth seeing.


yeah, it was crazy saccharine for me. just not what I was expecting, and not in a good way.

I forgot how Blue Velvet ended, guess I’ll have to watch it again.


Really enjoyed this film.

“Hate the sport!”


Even a big sports fan like me was singing that one for days after watching the film.

I also like how farcical their gig is at the end of the film. ‘Hate Vasteras!’