The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



So much fun :slight_smile:


I actually really enjoyed this, a good pulpy/b-movie cross between Alien and Gravity. Found it exciting and tense throughout. Sure it’s nothing new but it entertained me.

That said my friend who I saw it with didn’t rate it so your mileage my vary.


Watched Anomalisa over the weekend and I don’t understand why some people really love it. After the great writing in Eternal Sunshine and Synecdoche New York, pulling at really interesting ideas about memories, the breakdown of relationships, ageing/illness etc, this felt like a proper regression.

The animation is fantastic but it never did quite enough interesting stuff with it, I wanted more surreal moments like when the face falls off and it’s like a weird PG rated Cronenberg. Also felt too short, in that it ended before fully exploring its themes and I didn’t feel like it had anything new to say, nothing that hadn’t been done before. If it was filmed with live action, I think the film what have gotten a lot more flak for being “privileged straight white man has a mid life breakdown and treats people like shit but if you empathise with his middle class struggles you’ll sympathise with him”.


I wasn’t crazy about Anomalisa, but I’m not sure the film is inviting you to sympathise with its protagonist. It’s Jennifer Jason Leigh’s character you feel sorry for.


It’s called the Fregoli Delusion, the hotel in the film is called The Fregoli :thumbsup:


think basically the rule should be to turn off any hitchcock film 20 minutes before the end. bro cannot write good endings.


I was wondering if it was a thing. I’ve only ever seen that one Hitchcock film because they’ve always given me the impression of being too classic, like the furniture an elderly relative’s house or something.


Part from Vertigo, natch


certainly true of a lot of his films, but stuff like Psycho is celebrated for a reason. the first act of that film is nigh-on perfect to me. the second is good also… and then the ending is so unbelievably shit you want to cry. basically the film should end when they turn the chair around and see his mum.

spoilers btw.

especially vertigo!!! great premise, great first act --> slightly boring development --> facepalm-inducing ending


What about North By Northwest? Great ending that.


I’ll check out 95% of Psycho, then.

how about North by Northwest? I see that dotted about people’s top tens quite a bit around here, dece?


psycho’s coda is pretty funny though.

if you want a film about a serial killer released in 1960 with an english director, peeping tom’s a million times better I reckon


:joy: I feel like I’m trolling now whenever I bring Vertigo up as I can’t really be arsed to argue


I get that, but I think the film never comfortably made a point about this. I agree that you’re not really supposed to sympathise with the main character, but the film was not negative about him in a satisfying way. It all felt a bit unfinished and not fully thought out, to me anyways.

And because it never reveals anything about his character as to why he acts like he does, it all just seemed really shallow.


All Fear Eats The Soul? defo that


Nah Peeping Tom is good but Psycho is still better

plus the ending to Rear Window is fine


@incandenza haven’t seen it for 15 years so can’t really remember it, but if you like chase sequences you’ll love it!!!

peeping tom suffers from an even sillier ending but i do enjoy it. whenever i walk through soho i usually go through the alleyway at the beginning.

i’d go for 10 rillington place, one of the most chilling serial killer films i’ve e’er seen.


It’s probably pretty clear by now that I generally tend to give directors the benefit of the doubt BUT I think that was the point in it being shallow and unsatisfactory because the guy ultimately is and it’s a knowingly fabricated world representing a real one.

That said, watching it even with this intention in mind isn’t any less uncomfortable. I felt mostly gross watching it and for a while after too (which again, I think is desired but ugh)


The ending is very much


Watch Vertigo.