The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



agreed on Get Out. i thought the twist involving the girlfriend was laughably predictable, and the whole escape bit seemed really dashed-off . It was pretty gripping up until then, but a lot of horror films don’t seem to know what to do when they reach a certain point, and fall back into generic stuff. the last bit of the film could have been any one of dozens of horror films i’ve seen.


it definitely has some silly aspects; I still love it though. I’ve never heard of 10 Rillington place, sounds good. looks like there was a (probably shit) series with Tim Roth about the same thing.


the only bits i saw of the remake were via gogglebox and it looked like standard hammy TV drama. the original film is almost like a low-key kitchen sink style thing with very little music and is just very tense and at times really quite unpleasant (in a good way)


Hello, has anyone see the new Ghost in the Shell yet? If so, worth seeing? Or noooo?


Yeah, totally. It Follows is another recent example of this. I’d almost rather they left you hanging. And I’m sorry but that Rod guy was completely unfunny. The final line about ‘we deal with shit’ or whatever? :neutral_face:


sometimes that’s fine


I think it’s just showing its age mostly, like in the early 60s that’s totally acceptable


Late 50s*?


Some nice visuals aside, it’s bloody terrible. It’s slow, poorly scripted and clunkily edited to get a 12 Certificate. It wastes a fine cast. It has a real whiff of ‘straight to DVD’ about it.


RIP Don Rickles


Danny DeVito just directed a short about an elderly gay couple. It’s quite sweet and you can watch it here:


Any Ingmar Bergman recommendations? Might pick up some DVDs this weekend.


Seen any of his yet?


Persona is my favourite
Wild Strawberries is also great
Seventh Seal obviously
Virgin Spring


No, nothing!


TKC’s are all good shouts except id maybe wait a bit to watch persona. I usually recommend Wild Strawberries as a first one.


Persona was the first I saw, I think it is perhaps a bit …not heavy but not a good introduction. Would probably agree with you on Wild Strawberries as a first one


Quite enjoyed Neruda, especially the Chilean accents. Who even needs the letter S?


watched this too, it took me a little while to warm to it but it’s final third was absolutely stunning



Really enjoyed this, superbly acted by the two sisters, great pace and a couple of scenes I had to watch through my hands, particularly the scene where she eats the finger, fucking hell.

I’M excited to see what Julia Ducournau does next. It’s my high watermark for horror this year. My freshers week was certainly nothing like that.