The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Neruda - wasn’t expecting it to be quite so goofy. Good though, in a way.


Just got back from Raw. Fucking mint. One of the best films this year, some really squirmy stuff in there. Though it’s got some good references to other horror/gore stuff, it felt really original to me.

Going to watch it over and over in the years to come I think!


Goofy in parts but not overly I’d say


Not overly, but I think after seeing The Club and Jackie over the last 12 months I have the default expectation of ‘grim as fuck’ from Pablo Larrain films


Aye but even the club had some dark humour right?

Anyway, I guess it’s being as playful as Neruda himself was


Had no idea they were by the same person. Loved The Club. Really want to see Neruda.


61 A Quiet Passion - Seems to be very little fanfare for this considering its a new Davies, but really loved it.


Raw very close to not having the stomach for this frankly, my gf couldn’t make it in the end which was a relief as we’d definitely have needed to leave if she was there. Very odd filmmaking experience, couldn’t take my eyes off it, was very compelling and gruesome and vital but it didn’t really add up to more than the sum of it’s parts for me and, striking imagery and gore aside, I’m not sure how memorable it will be for me.


Think this was meant to be posted in the wrestling thread



Watched the Conjuring 2: Conjure Harder at the weekend (not my choice). Slightly better and I mean slightly than films of that ilk, but ultimately bobbins. Patrick Wilson has a massive forehead.



Absolutely loved RAW. So many great scenes.

The fight between the two sisters in the quad. My god!

Trouble is, you can see Maisie Williams and Kristen Stewart in the inevitable shit English language remake, which will be tame, a lot less full throttle and have less girlie competitive pissing


don’t like his haircut


The Joneses - really quite good actually. a lot more affecting than I’d imagined


Raw - liked it a lot - some stunning imagery and that soundtrack was dreamy. Not all of it worked, especially The room mate’s only characteristic was that he was gay and nothing else, felt a bit one dimensional - not to mention “maybe every gay person just needs to have sex with the opposite sex” narrative but I might be reading too much into that - also, LOVED the last scene.


Watched I Am Not Your Negro yesterday, was pretty great/horrible, thought-provoking stuff. Didn’t even really notice Samuel L. Jackson narrating which is actually probably a good thing? Was also nice to hear Kendrick being blasted over the credits.


I’m not sure if I’d go as far as to say he was one-dimensional, but I do agree they could have fleshed him out a little more.

As for Alex sleeping with Justine, I thought it was to do with the theme of hiding who you are and suppressing yourself. I haven’t properley thought about how it fits in, but I really want to see the film again and think about it a bit more. There’s a lot of ways to read into it.

I definitely didn’t get the impression that the message was “this gay man’s life would improve by having a different orientation” but like I say I need to give it some more thought to process how it fits in with the rest of it. Not sure if I’d go as far as to say Alex is one dimensional, though I would have liked a bit more about him for sure.

But yes, great film. One of the best last shots I can think of.


Table 19. Got some shitty reviews but found it quite charming and funny tbh


99.9999% likely to be awful, but the bit where the article mentions Rogue One makes me wonder if they could make something interesting.

I maintain that The Animatrix had some cool stuff in it.