The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread





I knew nothing about James Baldwin before seeing this, he seems like a really interesting (and prescient) writer.


Yeah can’t say I really knew him considering he was a part of such a significant part of recent history


I’m certainly curious to see what it is. I reckon if they hadn’t ballsed up the sequels, it could have been a franchise as big as Star Wars. But man, they sure fucked it all up.


it was a universe with a lot of promise, but it’s hard to imagine it being on the same level as Star Wars, given just how bad those two sequels are. just shit on so many levels. like, they need to disregard so much to effectively reboot it.


Yeah, Reloaded and Revolutions were bad at the time, but they’re eye-gouging levels of terrible now. Completely mis-managed expectations of what fans wanted, a descent into bewildering gibberish, over-reliance on special effects* and a complete lack of restraint!

*It’s been posted before but the scene in Reloaded where Neo fights loads of agent smiths and it suddenly becomes the cgi of a playstation one era Final Fantasy game looks awful now!


yeah, why not


The Zion rave scene is one of the worst things ever.

Plus the Matrix sequels had the annoying aspect where they expected you to watch The Animatrix and play the video game to understand everything in the films.


Not that we’ll be seeing (m)any of these until late 2017/early 2018, but here’s the Cannes line-up for this year:

I’m sure the new Haneke and Zvyagintsev will both be very uplifting. And the new Baumbach will be every DiSer’s favourite film of the year.


Enter The Matrix! That fucking thing. I remember liking it, but I was 12.


Caught up with Free Fire last night. Arguably Wheatley’s most fully realised film (the ending of Kill List being an abomination). Enjoyable enough.

Yer man Sam Riley really is a terrible, terrible actor though.


cant wait for new haneke. Supposedly about a wealthy family ignoring the refugee crisis, isnt it?
Cant wait to see how wrong they are!


The ending of Kill List is good

as is Sam Riley


Maybe in Opposite Land.


Nahhhh. Sam Riley is fantastic in Brighton Rock


Finally saw Get Out

Fucking brilliant. Amazing concept simply and effectively, and more importantly entertainingly executed.


the hacking bit :’’’) that seemed unbelievably cool to me at the time.


watched Anchorman again last night, still stands up


Watched The Handmaiden last night, it’s pretty fuckin great


Very much looking forward to the new Todd Haynes and Yorgos Lanthimos films, literally impossible to predict what might win though. Think Winter Sleep was the only critics favourite of the last 10 years or so that actually went on to win the thing.

I fucking hate Noah Baumbach by the way.