The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



I'm looking forward to this a lot. The cinema here is showing a lot of screenings of the director's cut, is that the one you saw?

I think I'd prefer to watch the original but it might just come down to whichever one they have on when I've got the time to spare.


Nah, GFT did a one off of that but theatrical now. I'd be intrigued to see what's in the extra stuff now though


The Handmaiden (standard version) - great fun, nicely twisted in places, as you'd expect from a Park Chan-wook film.


I watched the director's cut and it was long as fuuuuuuuck


Yeah went to see handmaiden director's cut too. Possibly the most excruciating three hours ive ever spent in a cinema. Park Chan Wook is legit fucking awful.


Not seen Kill List or Free Fire yet, but Sam Riley is fucking brilliant in Control.


ooft #opinions


Wrong opinions, safety wink.


Even if youre a fan, the directors cut is so bloated and unnecessary. About half an hour in he recaps what happened at the beginning, and then halfway through recaps everything that's happened so far. Dunno how the runtimes compare but you could lose an hour from the extended cut easily.


Seems he agrees n all!


Seeing as most of the others here like it, would be good to hear more of your thoughts on what didn't work for you


It's just completely silly. Like all of his films i've seen, they descend into total soap opera and overstay their welcome to an absurd degree. The sex scenes were so male gaze and embarrassing. And just throwing in some totes br00tal torture porn at the end was tacked on and unneccesary. It was a mess.

If i'd seen the regular theatrical version id probably not have hated it as much, but...


By recap you mean, show from a different perspective surely, and also by silly it's dark humour? I did think during part one that everything seemed a bit OTT and convenient, but then you are given a reason why in part two.

Also re:sex scenes, is it male gaze if there's no men present on screen? I think it's on the line in places for sure but I mean, how else are you supposed to represent sex exactly? It didn't feel out of place with the rest of the film (nor did the torture towards the end)

I was certainly surprised by its tone but that doesn't mean I think it was any less of a worthy film (and as you say, like it or loathe it, that is his style). It's interesting that he says the directors cut is purely for extra details, I certainly felt watching the theatrical it didn't really need anything else but would now be interesting to see what the extra stuff is...


Male gaze has nowt to do with there being men within the scene or not. Beyond the obvious fact of it being directed by a straight bloke, I felt like their sexuality was played for laughs most of the time, and when it did try to get more real or tender it was too little too late. The scissoring scene was like the punchline to the whole film.

The 'recaps' yeah were increasingly adding new context or a line of dialogue but that happened so many times in the same scenes that it beat you over the head with it, at least in the version i saw.

Yeah it's his style and if youre into it, fair enough but he makes Tarantino look like a master of taste and restraint by comparison.


yeah, maybe he does it too much in the directoral.

I will give you, the whole camera shot from the perspective of a vagina was pretty wild. I think given their character traits though it didn't seem totally out of place, like everything was a little bit ridiculous but it hangs because it's so stylised and looks amazing


the source novel's author seems quite pleased with the outcome:

While Abdellatif Kechiche’s Blue Is the Warmest Colour was criticised by source author Julie Maroh for its porn-inflected “display of so-called lesbian sex”, The Handmaiden has been enthusiastically embraced by Sarah Waters as a valid interpretation of the subversive sexuality of her novel. In a recent Guardian interview, she praised Park’s film for remaining “very faithful to the idea that the women are appropriating a very male pornographic tradition to find their own way of exploring their desires” while simultaneously deconstructing those traditions.


Yeah although I thought the article read a bit more ambiguously, she says he turns 'pornography into spectacle' but that she was pleasantly surprised that the bulk of it survived the adaptation. She does praise his 'glorious excess' which is where ahm oot.


yeah, hadn't seen it for ages after being overexposed to it before. probably laughed hardest at "exquisite breasts".


Either the bit where Ron has an erection asking Veronica out or when Brian goes off at the panda "stupid panda jerk!"


Always thought the Blue is the Warmest Colour author slagging off that film was a bit rich considering her graphic novel falls into the old tragic lesbian trope. And I've never been too fussed about what an author thinks of an adaptation considering Stephen King doesn't much like Kubrick's The Shining.