The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



watched a few things

No Strings Attached - had it on in the background when doing something else. Surprisingly not that bad

Fireworks - Takeshi Kitano film. thought this was wonderful. so much going out but all fully realised

Love & Friendship - really enjoyed this as well, some properly good laughs


I Am Not Your Negro - Got fucked over by Cineworld not showing their 25 mins worth of ads and trailers before this so missed the first 10 mins or so which is very annoying given I presumed it setup the source of text that the voiceover was coming from and I was wondering throughout what the timeframe of the source material was. Despite that this is obviously an extremely urgent and vital piece of filmmaking and it hit’s like a tonne of bricks when it intersperses the old footage with the modern day stuff.

OJ: Made in America - Finished this over the weekend as well and it’s a truly astonishing piece of work. All the groundwork laid out (quite slowly at times) in the first two parts is absolutely vital for painting the picture for the absolute clusterfuck that was the trial and subsequent events. Familiarity with all the outcomes doesn’t make it any less compelling either, it’s a phenomenal social documentary and you should watch it if you haven’t already.


To confirm, yes he the start of I am not your negro does exactly that


Saw Raw last night, pretty intense stuff, some parts, the finger scene in particular had me almost looking away but there was something darkly fascinating about the narrative.

It felt like the film was about repression and desire as a whole and the Cannibalism aspect was just one expression of this.


The most recent Pop Rocket podcast has a really interesting chat about Raw. Well worth a listen.


Slim pickings at the ol’ Cineworld this weekend, think its gonna be the first weekend I’ve not used the unlimited card since signing up for it






For real?




:grinning: You actually made me check some reviews then you bastard!


100% thought this post was for the wrestling thread


zach braff is the orson welles of our generation


They’ve announced the directors of Half Nelson/Mississippi Grind as the directors of Captain Marvel. Seems fair enough.


This looks like essential viewing


Yeah, annoying. I’ve taken the day off too. The lad is going to nursery then I was going to go to the cinema… The only thing I want to see is The Handmaiden but I have that at home and promised I’d watch it with my tv.

Bet I end up seeing Ghost in the Shell.


Balked at a trip to Wandsworth for the Handmaiden on Monday expecting that it would get a screening at WIQ this week, I was wrong…


Wandsworth isn’t too far for me actually… I was hoping to see Raw but there don’t seem to be any early showings on.


That cinema is a mission for literally everybody I reckon, it’s not near anything


Yeah - rubbish location. I’d have to cycle.


Its on at Fulham Road too…