The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Unlimited doesn’t cover that one does it?


I saw I Am Not Your Negro last night - stunning, so concise and some amazing footage. I now want to read everything Baldwin has ever written.

Weirdly a group of people left 10 minutes in - I mean, unless you literally read up nothing about it and went in blind I am unsure what reason you would give for walking out of it?


?? It covers all of them? Assuming you have the one that includes central London.





It’s only about £2 more than the normal card.


Yeah, you get it upgraded for free after a year though and my dear, dear partner is, shall we say “frugal” about these kinds of things. Will probs just upgrade mine and go on my own tbh.


Oh you certainly should - the Empire in Leicester Square is included now too which is handy for after work (for me anyway)


Oh and it gets you into Central Picturehouse for £5 (you can’t book in advance, though)


Ooft, nice tip. Gonna get on that tbh.


Watched That Awkward Moment while doing work last night. Completely devoid of any enjoyment

Also watched The Wailing. Its on Netflix and I would really recommend it. Korean town sees citizens outbreak in rashes and undertake murderous sprees and the police suspect it may be a Japanese man who has been seen around. Last half hour is really something


The Wailing is so good!


The Wailing is bonkers. Liked it a lot.


I enjoyed also how there was more to it as well, like there’s little clues apparently as to what is going on which makes it worth a rewatch (probs wont do anytime soon, it’s 2 hours 40!)


I watched all six of Jacques Tati’s films. Really liked Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot/Mon Oncle/Playtime, something very charming about them, though they definitely won’t be for everyone (especially Playtime). The other three films aren’t as strong though they all have their moments.


Gave this a listen earlier today, I think I’ll listen to more of the podcast too*. Thanks for posting about it.

*I don’t know who I’m kidding, I’m behind on about 1000 podcasts.


The Castle - Quirky Australian comedy about a family protecting their home from demolition. Brilliant sight gags along with deadpan delivery throughout that had me in stitches. 8/10

Westworld - This hasn’t aged particularly well. Interesting concept but sloppy delivery. Didn’t particularly rate the TV series either. 6/10

Silent Running - Absolutely stunning piece of Sci-Fi. Bruce Dern really hits a home run with his performance. 8/10

Von Ryan’s Express - Frank Sinatra’s character spends the movie making a right hash of things but still ends up being made to look like a total hero in this WWII prisoner of war escape tale. Still quite enjoyable overall though 7/10


Think this is still the best film I’ve seen this year


Mustang - Yeah really good.

Disorder - Nice to see Matthias Schonaerts in something that doesn’t stink every once in a while. Also a good soundtrack from Gesaffelstein. Film itself really runs out of steam about halfway through, but still ends up being quite good.

Local Hero - Wonderful from start to finish.


Gregory’s Girl and Local Hero are both so good, a real shame that Bill Forsyth’s career (and the quality of his films) dropped off a cliff after he upped sticks to Hollywood


Roger Ebert absolutely loved Comfort and Joy, might try that next. I’ve always liked Local Hero but for some reason I got up at about 7 on Easter Sunday and stuck it on because I had nothing else to do, can’t remember enjoying a film as much.