The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Really enjoyed this long piece on Baldwin / I am not your negro /Moonlight etc


Although it got really good reviews, still thought I’d be put off watching this but it’s excellent. Kate Beckinsale’s hilarious in it.


Watched The Raid Redemption on a boys night in last week, I think we’re doing the sequel next week. Can’t wait.


The sequel has much longer pauses between the action and its plot is less focused - but for me it’s the better film. Each action sequence is a masterpiece and by the end I really cared about the main guy.

You’re in for a treat!


I love the Castle so much

“tell 'im ees dreamin”


What do you want jousting sticks for??


The Love Witch - Perfectly executed homage with an astounding attention to detail. Both haunting and sensual in equal measure with plenty of unsettling moments. Samantha Robinson was completely mesmerizing! Quite enjoyed the time capsule feel to the film but also appreciated the intentional use of modern props for an added jarring layer of weirdness. Found it pretty cool to read that not only did Anna Biller write, direct, produce and edit this film but that she was also heavily involved with the set and costume design! 8/10


don’t let Anna Biller hear you call it a homage mate


:smiley: perhaps ‘a love letter to a bygone era’ might be a better phrase?




<3 silent running


best films ever, i really like that the second one is pretty different to the first - reminded me a lot of A Bittersweet Life actually


Finally saw Foxcatcher. Really good. I think it helps knowing that it’s essentially a true story as it makes the whole thing more weird, if that makes sense.


The Handmaiden (Extended Cut) - Went with the longer version because it was the only evening screening they had for either cut. Been searching online to find the differences but there’s no info about it. Can make a couple of guesses but nothing felt out of place.

Loved it, and the length really didn’t bother me. Whole thing flew by. Not as good as Lady Vengeance which is pretty much perfect. Had all the great director trademarks, weird humour, inventive editing/transitions, engaging character relationships. Yeah really enjoyed it. Up there with Raw as the bwst of the year for me. Minor quibbles include:

[spoiler]The torture stuff at the end was a bit out of place and could have been built up a bit more.

The section in part 2 where it went over part 1 was too long, aside from the sex scene[/spoiler]

Also I’m not quite sure what to make of the sex scenes, they felt a bit Blue Is The Warmest Colour and yeah, I think I would have preferred it if they were a little more muted? Then again the whole film is very OTT so I’m not sure. I’m conflicted. For what it’s worth, the people I saw it with who have far more authority than me to make a judgement on that didn’t have any problems with it.


What makes them so special?


They’re lesbians, and a lot more well read on this stuff than I am!


You dont need to spoilertag that, saying homosexual women would have more empathy with a film about homosexual women is fine


Aye I’m just not sure how much of the film’s plot is known and worried it would imply a spoiler even though I think it’s probably been made clear up thread!


Ahh fair does!


Ah right, I thought you meant more of an authority on film!

Yeah, from my old lesbian flatmates they seem fine with this and blue is the warmest colour