The 2017 Forum Album of the Year RESULTS

I reckon I got that in with my late vote change :wink:

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Plus run the Jewels 3 released at the worst time of year for end of year lists.

Brockhampton split their own vote three ways (probably not a lot of dissers cup of tea too)

Princess Nokia :heart: but probably counts as a reissue rather than a 2017 release.

Etc etc

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This is always the better list. As large polls tend to favour safe, well known acts, not heard the manchester orchestra stuff. Will get cracking!

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Great list! I think this is the one I am most happy with from all the lists I’ve seen for this year. Thank you very much for your effort.

On a side note: It is amazing how many different formats one can use to state artist and album name in a single list.

Great to see Protomartyr claiming their rightful place at the top of the list! Well done everyone!

Pretty astounded that so few critics lists had their album in the top 10. For me it’s the only record that captured what 2017 actually felt like. Plus the songs are uniformly superb, which helps.


Vince Staples only at 47 is all kinds of wrong


Very glad Protomartyr won. Cheers @Severed799 for putting me on to them.

I guess given my top album is no.1, two of my other choices are in the top 5 (KLO and Julie Byrne) and a further two are in the top 10 (Kendrick, Big Thief) that makes me some kind of DiS forum music taste normie. Will take that!


Thanks for doing this, thinking about this was a great distraction from everything. It’s nice to see that my obsessing over Strange Ranger vs. Meat Wave vs. Billy Corgan meant absolutely nothing in the end, and that being unable to fit Mogwai in actually helped them in the third list. Very happy that Protomartyr won.

Ditto Julie Byrne, a real keeper. Thanks probs, brilliant job!

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Stellar work, thanks for doing this @Prob500. I like or love just under half of all the albums here. Really pleased Protomartyr won and KLO, Kendrick, Big Thief, Converge and Priests all placed highly too

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this made me think & looking back at the 5 I picked, each was at least partly female fronted or was a female artists project.
only slow dive had male vocals in my five

Must go back to that Julien Baker record. It just didn’t grab me at all, but there must be something there I missed.

Amazing album… continues to grow on me.

Me too

I was initially underwhelmed by it but I stuck with it because I loved “Sprained Ankle” so much. It’s a real grower. Once the songs get in your head they stay there. I went from lukewarm about it to it being my album of the year.


Only Japanese Breakfast and Lorde made it to the top 5 for me, but Los Camp have plenty of female vocals and my top 10 rounded out with St Vincent, Priests, KLO AND Waxahatchee. Just loads making really good music, and it feels a lot more relevant than stuff that similar but male bands are making.

It’s one of a number of albums I got at the end of the year partly because of how many AOTY lists they were appearing on. Of those Big Thief and Phoebe Bridgers grabbed me from the first. The Julien Baker record just sounded like a perfectly nice, rather unremarkable singer-songwriter record (as did the Julie Byrne record earlier in the year). I’m obviously missing something.

I too persevered with Julien Baker because I loved the first album so much. Had pretty much the same thing with Phoebe Bridgers and still haven’t quite clicked with Big Thief. I think it just takes me a while to listen whilst in the right mood to click with those sort of records.

The darkness in the lyrics of the Phoebe Bridgers album was what drew me in and distinguished it from other superficially similar records. At the moment I’m missing something similar to set Julien Baker apart from the crowd (let’s face it, we are not short of young white American female singer songwriters at the moment). I’ll definitely give it another chance though.

Daresay that the julien album would have been towards the top of my list if I had more time with it. Only picked up sprained ankle in November after seeing a good live review and it’s my favourite old new (to me) album of 2017, and have only had a few weeks with the new one.