The 2018 DIS forum user album of the year DISCUSSION THREAD


Well maybe it’s just that the first listen of this one appealed more instantly so I felt the need to listen over and over. With their earlier work I haven’t done that yet so it hasn’t had the chance to grab me. Anyway, I do think Cocoa Sugar’s balance of the weirdness and noise and rap with the pure pop elements is pretty special


That’s their whole thing innit. They’re so fucking good.


interesting year this (both for DiS and wider critical acclaim) in that there isn’t a clear standout. AOTY is going to be a fascinating watch this year as the lists start coming in because there’s really a whole load of records vying for it.

On the flip side, there’s nothing I really consider to be super overrated kicking about people’s lists, so in conclusion I don’t really mind


I liked it when sean listed it as Immunity by accident for the Neptune prize.


Dr Ranj’s darkest episode…

Dadsnet spinoff thread - children's TV

Looks like Low and Idles are the main ones that are sort of floating to the top - suspect Arctic Monkeys will end up in a lot of top five/top tens.

Nothing that feels like an obvious universally big acclaimed album like Kendrick this year though is there?


exactly, that’s what I mean, the last couple years it’s been pretty immediately obvious from the get-go who’s gonna take it.


Normally discover some good stuff from the end of year poll but low and LEG are both terrible just dont get it :frowning:


There’s a universally acclaimed big act that released an album this year that would usually be in mind for lots of AOTY lists… just so happens that Ye was a big old load of bollocks though.


Actually Janelle Monae fits the bill doesn’t it? Doesn’t seem to be quite getting to the top of the lists though.


Think a lot of the Janelle Monae reviews got a bit caught up in hype and excitement. The album really tails off after I Like That.


Ended up going with:

  1. Parquet Courts - Wide Awake!
  2. Haiku Salut - There Is No Elsewhere
  3. Virginia Wing - Ecstatic Arrow
  4. Half Man Half Biscuit - No One Cares About Your Creative Hub so Get Your Fuckin’ Hedge Cut
  5. DJ Koze - Knock Knock

Top 3 picked themselves. Melody’s Echo Chamber, Kero Kero Bonito, Hilary Woods, Idles, Sauna Youth, The Goon Sax or The Breeders could easily have filled the places.

Decent year IMHO.


I’m surprised to see how positively reviewed Janelle’s album was, I feel like the response to it was a bit muted (maybe just amongst my circles?). I certainly found it a total disappointment.


Ah fair enough. Maybe year end lists are reflecting that then. I just recall a lot of ecstatic reviews and general acclaim.


I found it disappointing and all particularly after the 1st 2 tracks released are probably tracks of the year.

I always think track of the year lists are far more interesting. Tell you more about the state of the world at least.


So. I’ve done my first round. I know you were all eagerly awaiting this. The ones in bold are the winners and therefore through to the next round. They must be so thrilled:

Group #1
competitor #1: 8 Holly Miranda
competitor #2: 9 Screaming Females
Group #2
competitor #1: 20 The Body
competitor #2: 16 Svalbard
Group #3
competitor #1: 43 Mitski
competitor #2: 28 Author and Punisher
Group #4
competitor #1: 6 Car Seat Headrest
competitor #2: 27 Daniel Avery
Group #5
competitor #1: 36 Idles
competitor #2: 19 Courtney Barnett
Group #6
competitor #1: 29 Hot Snakes
competitor #2: 56 Cat Power
Group #7
competitor #1: 53 Olafur Arnulds
competitor #2: 3 Yo La Tengo
Group #8

competitor #1: 58 Spiritualized
competitor #2: 23 Jon Hopkins
Group #11
competitor #1: 61 Emma Ruth Rundle
competitor #2: 12 Hop Along
Group #12
competitor #1: 44 Tomberlin
competitor #2: 45 Steve Hauschildt
Group #13
competitor #1: 14 Tropical Fuck Storm
competitor #2: 18 St Vincent
Group #14
competitor #1: 10 Grouper
competitor #2: 35 Preoccupations
Group #15
competitor #1: 48 Big Red Machine
competitor #2: 22 Belly
Group #16
competitor #1: 46 Deafheaven
competitor #2: 11 Dylan Carlson
Group #17
competitor #1: 40 Will Oldham
competitor #2: 39 Young Jesus Fcuked Up**
Group #18
competitor #1: 30 Mount Eerie (now Only)
competitor #2: 42 The Beths
Group #19
competitor #1: 4 Nihls Frahm
competitor #2: 57 Marissa Nadler
Group #20
competitor #1: 49 Pig Destroyer
competitor #2: 59 Tim Hecker
Group #21
competitor #1: 38 Papa M
competitor #2: 7 Loma
Group #22
competitor #1: 5 Daughters
competitor #2: 34 Rolo Tomassi***
Group #23
competitor #1: 24 Adrienne Lenker
competitor #2: 25 Sleep
Group #24
competitor #1: 33 The Breeders
competitor #2: 60 Noname
Group #25
competitor #1: 63 Sarah Davachi
competitor #2: 62 Oliver Coates
Group #26
competitor #1: 17 Mary Lattimore
competitor #2: 13 Wye Oak
Group #27
competitor #1: 54 Lyla Foy
competitor #2: 47 Micah Templeton Wolfe
Group #28
competitor #1: 21 Beach House
competitor #2: 50 Anna Calvi
Group #29
competitor #1: 64 Dilly Dally
competitor #2: 15 Father John Misty
Group #30
competitor #1: 26 War on Women
competitor #2: 55 Hotel Neon
Group #31
competitor #1: 51 Low
competitor #2: 2 J Mascis
Group #32
competitor #1: 32 Anna Von Hauswolff
competitor #2: 37 Let’s Eat Grandma
Group #33
1 Lucy Dacus
52 The Ocean

Group #34

Jonny Greenwood

Hermit and The Recluse

**Ironically I fcuked up here and forgot this record so I’ve wildcarded them all over this, the weakest of the 32 initial pairings.

***This was one of the hardest choices as two of the hardest hitting releases went head to head. I had to go for Daughters in the end as I had heard RT do similar things in recent releases (however great at it they are) but I’d never heard Daughters (or pretty much anyone) release a record quite like ‘You Won’t Get What You Want’.


And now… the pairings for round two! Hold on to your hats everyone:

Holly Miranda v Svalbard

Mitski v Car Seat Headrest

Idles v Hot Snakes*

Olafur Arnolds v Jon Hopkins

Hop Along v Tomberlin

Tropical FS v Grouper

Belly v Deafheaven

Fcuked Up v The Beths

Nihls Fram v Tim Hecker

Loma v Daughters

Sleep v Noname

Oliver Coates v Mary Lattimore

Lyla Foy v Anna Calvi

Father John Misty v War on Women

Low v Let’s Eat Grandma**

Lucy Dacus v Hermit and the Recluse

*What a high octane match up. Hard to call this one.

Interesting (or not) that the random pairing generator throws up some match-ups that sort of go together: Olafur Arnolds v Jon Hopkins and some that are… rather disparate: Tropical FS v Grouper.

**two of the bookies’ early favourites, head to head in the second round! Gasp!


Yasssss. 'Mon, The Beths.


They’ve got a pretty tough draw in round two though…


Not a problem. The suitcase of used £20s is behind the ticket machine on Platform 3. You’ll do the right thing.