The 2018 DIS forum user album of the year DISCUSSION THREAD


Deafheaven’s been talked about here plenty of course, but the two things I love about it are that it represents a third successive improvement on the previous album and how many discographies can you say that about, and also that it’s just such a pleasure to hear a band who are confident, on their game and reaching for new directions knowing they’re going to pull it off. Plus Honeycomb is probably my favourite musical twelve minutes of the decade.

Skee Mask is hands down my electronica record of the year, really intricate drum programming and lush emotive pads. The Chris Forysth might be more of an EP really*, only three tracks but it is forty minutes or so long. It’s a live recording, from the tour where I was at the Bristol gig, so good memories play a part in my pick, but also because he is one of the most inventive guitar players around, and the psychedelic motorik rush of Dreaming In The Non-Dream needs to be heard by more people. Earthless is really good stoner rock. I’m a sucker for that rattly drums, massive fuzzed out bass and riff after riff after riff sound, and this is a fine example of the art. (Honourable mentions also for Sleep and Green Druid in this field, although they are more stoner metal, if we are going to get concerned about ludicrous microgenre differentation). TMTWNBBFN delivered my favourite punk album of the year, by some distance their most vicious and direct.

Quite a lot of albums bubbling under…Maisha, Interpol, The Interrupters, Fucked Up (if this had come out earlier or been shorter it would almost certainly have been in my top 5, but I don’t feel I’ve got my head around it properly yet), Phosphorescent, Sons Of Kemet, Poppy Ackroyd, Seun Kuti, Rolling Blackouts, She Makes War, Messthetics, Tomorrow We Sail…

*and it was a fantastic year for EPs as well - Boygenius, Rude Audio, the Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard / Totems split, Naut, the Nick Cave live EP, Nubya Garcia, Phase Fatale…


The top 5 are much more difficult to pick than last year imo and not quite as solid as the ones from '17 but I went ahead and chose my favorites mostly by scrobbles and listens but also a couple in there that really hit home. I don’t think I’ve seen any of these on the polls but worth a listen, I think.

  1. Astronauts, etc. - Living in Symbol
  2. Beach House - 7
  3. MGMT - Little Dark Age
  4. Emma Louise - Lilac Everything
  5. J. Cole - KOD

Top 3 were pretty solid for me but these honorable mentions could’ve very easily made 4 & 5 (some are EPs):

  • Amen Dunes
  • Marlon Williams
  • Jon Hopkins
  • Still Corners
  • Island
  • UMO - Sex & Food
  • Furns
  • MorMor
  • Mac Miller
  • Wild Nothing


It’s got to be Anna Calvi in the next round. Surely.

And don’t call me Shirley


certainly the bookie’s favourite in that clash.


Oh the pain! Can’t believe I had to leave these out of my top 5…

  1. Low - Double Negative
  2. Young Fathers - Cocoa Sugar
  3. Cloud Nothings - Last Building Burning
  4. Daughters - You Won’t Get What You Want
  5. Joe Cardamone - Holy War


Found myself getting more and more into Deafheaven’s latest offering, to the point where I can totally see it breaking into the top ten or even top five.

What is weird is that I never got the fuss for ‘Sunbather’ at all and people LOST THEIR MINDS over that record. Still can’t get much out of it today but Ordinary Corrupt Human Love ticks all my boxes. Strange.


a lot of people haven’t listened to the Drug Church LP this year


Really wasn’t taken with it.


Can anyone remember what the deadline for choosing in the other thread is? My listen off thing takes forever.


Beginning of January?


Ah phew


‘Father John Misty vs The War On Women’ should be an FJM song title.


So my list is something like

Mt Eerie
Earl Sweatshirt
Kids see Ghosts
Young Fathers
Car Seat Headrest
Sean Nicholas Savage

Pretty standard really. Find it hard to get a grasp on a year as it comes and goes. Feels like I’m still catching up with 2016 ATM.


Had to go for Ought as my favourite in the end. It takes a lot of really cool aspects of their sound (dissonant strings, restless rythmns, BOSS lyrics) and builds on them in a really interesting way. The whole album has this sort of fragile, paranoid aura at times, and at other times, like on “Desire” it all blooms into something really beautiful. Great stuff.

In close second is Parquet Courts. It’s the angriest, funkiest most consistent record they’ve done by far, and Andrew Savage’s songwriting is truly brilliant. Only falls slightly short with Austin Brown’s tunes which, perhaps “Death Will Bring Change” aside, aren’t quite as engaging, I thought.

In third comes Young Fathers. I’ve seen this described as their poppiest album, and although the production is notably easier on the ears than their previous albums, I was surprised by the frenetic intensity and experimentation that runs through the whole album, especially on the shorter tracks. Despite that though, the poppiest tunes like “In My View” and “Border Girl” were definitely my favourites.

Beach House also delivered with 7, which I’m very much on the same wavelength as most of the rest of the board on: the great songs you’d expect, bouyed by some new elements like a more aggressive guitar tone throughout and Sonic Boom’s trademark nice echoey production, mmm.

Then we have Iceage. Can’t remember who it was who described it as “the album that Liam/Noel Gallagher thinks he makes” but that’s spot on in a weird way. I’m partial to a massive guitar banger so I’m right at home here, and I love that, throughout it all, it’s a really fun record.

A really great year all in all. Honourable mentions go to Low, IDLES and Anderson. Paak, and for the record, I reckon Pusha T’s EP is easily the best Kanye project of the year, purely for “If You Know You Know.” Terrific beat on that.

  1. Let’s Eat Grandma- I’m All Ears
  2. The 1975- A Brief Enquiry into Online Relationships
  3. Suede- The Blue Hour
  4. Yves Tumor- Safe in the Hands of Love
  5. Low- Double Negative

In summary, 2017 was better.


FFS man you need to start rigging the draw properly


So that’s mine posted:

  1. Let’s Eat Grandma - I’m All Ears
  2. Low - Double Negative
  3. Brigid Mae Power - The Two Worlds
  4. Loma - Loma
  5. Jim Ghedi - A Hymn For Ancient Land

1 and 2 were very close. Irritated to have to drop the following out of my Top 5 into the Top 10:

  1. Accu - Echo The Red
  2. Lump - Lump
  3. Dialect - Loose Blooms
  4. Forma - Semblance
  5. Szun Waves - New Hymn to Freedom

Young Fathers, B r o a d s and Rafael Anton Isarri (Midnight Colours) missed out as well. Can’t believe I’m putting Yo La Tengo and Tim Hecker into 14/15th place!

Generally a good year I thought with some proper long term keepers.


Should’ve really given this another pass before doing mine. Loved it when it came out but didn’t return to it that much… usually just go for what sticks most of the year…


Lots of earworms for me on Loma, and Relay Runner is definitely up there as one of my tracks of the year.


I think I’ve narrowed down my last two spots to Mastersystem, Jeff Rosenstock, and Fucked Up. I have no idea how to pick, all three are fantastic in their own way. I’m not going to vote for EPs, the deciding factors were those albums being too good and 2 of the 5 songs on the Spielbergs EP will be on their upcoming full length.

This is the first year I’ve had enough for a Top 50, and there are legitimately over 20 albums that are fighting for a spot in my top ten. Really deep year.