The 2019-20 New Kit Thread

Quite like the new Rams home kit (sponsor aside)

What are your boys/girls going to wearing?


Quite into it. I read somewhere that they were doing adult sizes without the sponsor, but not sure. I have a feeling I could get into a XXL in junior size

Having said that I have never owned a football shirt. Aside from one Jack Collison had signed by the squad that got relegated in 2011 (apart from Scott Parker who wasn’t there that day).


broken hoops for what i think is the first time in our history, in short, fuck new balance

I prefer the away kit. They are doing U-18 sizes without the sponsor which should do the job.

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Both are nice. Contemplating one for the gym. Not sure if that marks me out as a complete tosser. I might just get one for my son.

Brentford’s new kit hasn’t been announced yet, but we know:

  • it’ll be an Umbro effort
  • the company that are building our new stadium are the sponsor, rip LeoVegas
  • there will be three kits, one possibly blue and yellow as those were our colours before we switched to red and white in the 20’s

New home kit is fairly simple but quite pleasant

Away kit is just, well, something else entirely


The new away kit is much better than last season’s awful black and gold

The new home kit has 3 stripes down the side as opposed to on the shoulders. Not a fan.


Personally, I’m a big fan of the back-to-the-70s plain t-shirt with trim on the sleeves and collar.

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home kit looks kinda Hibs

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Home kit isnt as bland as last seasons, its okay
Away kite is nice, enjoy its simplicity

We’ve got some 90s throwback hilarity as the home kit.

Rumoured away kit is pretty plain and similar to ones we’ve had previously.


Bad and embarrassing

Bad and also looks like a bit of a Hackney Wick FC rip-off

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Home kit looks like it’s made of velvet.


Misread the thread and thought there was a new kit kat.

What a crushing disappointment this is :sweat:

Woof that emblem on the home kit, what were they thinking?


It’s a “treble anniversary celebration” or something. The sleeves have “90+1” and “90+3” on them. Excruciating.

Them making a massive deal of the anniversary of the treble is tinpot in extremis.

(especially when it should have been the season just gone)

But yeah, we’re Liverpool now.

Yeah, these are definitely your Dalglish years. It gets a bit worse after this but then it gets better again.

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