The 2019-20 New Kit Thread

Not sure about the Charlie Brown pattern.


Never heard of Dunderhead as an insult before this post… Must be a Northern thing!?

Jeez, this looks like it was shot on a street corner in Cheetham Hill

Worst Bradford one in a while, looks as cheaply made as it presumably is

Lovely shirt.

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Not bad - quite like the coach seats pattern thing. Relieved they’ve ditched the buttons from last year. Urgh.

Gomes could probably make most kits look good mind.

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I loved all three of last season’s kits!

Could do with more pink tops generally - though I’m hearing it’s salmon pink for the new Everton away top…

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Didn’t know there were any other toffees on here :grinning:

The black and pink away shirt last year was good, but didn’t like the home shirt for reasons above.

There are no records of an Everton team even existing in 17/18, so can’t comment on anything they might have hypothetically worn then

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the away kit is quite possibly the worst kit I’ve ever seen, irrespective of the fact it’s Col U

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Mad that it’s just a white vest


Is it too late to change it to the top that the person opposite is wearing?

Rockets! Rainbows! Lightning! Lipstick! Ice cream! Watermelon! Lollies! Stars! Jewels! Hearts! Clouds! Unicorns! (MiniWza has a version of it - we call it the jazzy one. :+1:)


More like a tabard to these eyes

suspected this was the season i’d stop following the big leagues

now i’m sure of it

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Is that the 3rd strip. I thought you had a hacienda inspired away shirt not a tequila sunrise inspired one

Away kit looks alright. I think. Hard to get past that fucking sponsor.

looks like a sweet wrapper

Immediately made me think of Scots Clan for some odd reason.

I was thinking of Fruit Salad

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Oooooh, good call.

I gotta question the logic of using camouflage. Team mates won’t be able to see each other!