The 2019 DIS forum user album of the year POLL THREAD

  1. Fontaines D.C.
  2. The Twilight Sad
  3. The Murder Capital
  4. The National
  5. Sharon Van Etten

Then: Angel Olsen, Bon Iver, Julia Jacklin, Big Thief x 2, Pixies, Richard Dawson…

  1. Sunn O))) - Life Metal

  2. Big|Brave - A Gaze Among Them

  3. William Tyler - Goes West

  4. Penguin Cafe - Handfuls of Night

  5. A Winged Victory For The Sullen - The Undivided Five

  1. Holly Herndon - Proto
  2. Jenny Hval - The Practice of Love
  3. Mary Lattimore/Mac McCaughan - New Rain Duets
  4. Kali Malone - The Sacrificial Code
  5. Astrid Sonne - Cliodynamics

Top 2 were easy picks but just so many records to love that could have sneaked into the top 5 at different points of the year and/or depending on my mood including:
Midsommar OST
Cate Le Bon
Kim Gordon
Vanishing Twin
She Keeps Bees
Purple Mountains
Caterina Barbieri

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Cracking year.

  1. Self Esteem - Compliments Please
  2. Little Simz - Grey Area
  3. Hot Chip - A Bathful Of Ecstasy
  4. Elbow - Giants Of All Sizes
  5. Dave - Psychodrama
  1. Better Oblivion Community Centre - Better Oblivion Community Centre
  2. Lana Del Rey - Norman Fucking Rockwell
  3. Chromatics - Closer to Grey
  4. Hatchie - Keepsake
  5. FKA twigs - MAGDALENE

Plus about 50 honourable mentions that in a different mood could have slipped in but won’t ruin the thread by adding them here. (Skipped Ex:Re as I assumed most consider it 2018 so won’t get the votes).

  1. Clairo - Immunity
  2. Angel Olsen - All Mirrors
  3. Weyes Blood - Titanic Rising
  4. Charly Bliss - Young Enough
  5. Caroline Polachek - Pang
  1. Little Simz - Grey Area
  2. Thom Yorke - ANIMA
  3. Kelsey Lu - Blood
  4. ALASKALASKA - The Dots
  5. Chemical Bros - No Geography
  1. Holly Herndon - Proto
  2. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Ghosteen
  3. Andy Stott - It Should Be Us
  4. Chemical Brothers - No Geography
  5. The Comet is Coming - Trust in the Lifeforce…

Close calls for Psychodrama and Inside the Rose

  1. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Ghosteen
  2. Lana Del Ray- Norman Fucking Rockwell
  3. Bill Callahan- Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest
  4. Heather Woods Broderick- Invitation
  5. Purple Mountains - S/T

Right, have made my decision so going to post it before I change my mind.

  1. Self Esteem - Compliments Please
  2. Better Oblivion Community Center - s/t
  3. Hot Chip - A Bath Full of Ecstasy
  4. The National - I am Easy to Find
  5. Lana Del Rey - NFR

6-10 / unlucky to miss out would in no particular order be Anna Meredith, Great Grandpa, Vampire Weekend, Pup, Sharon Van Etten, plus a load of others that also came close. Good year

  1. Fontaines DC - Dogrel
  2. Lizzo - Cuz I Love You
  3. Bruce Springsteen - Western Stars
  4. Self Esteem - Compliments Please
  5. Hot Chip - A Bath Full Of Ecstasy
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1.Nilufer Yanya. Miss Universe

  1. Sharon Van Etten Remind Me Tomorrow

  2. Caroline Polachek Pang

  3. Angel Olsen All Mirrors

  4. Hatchie Keepsake


Ex:Re is in my top 10 for this year. Album came out end of Nov. last year. Any album that late cannot make many lists. I already know Black Marble will be on next year’s.

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To be honest, it’s easier to name my biggest disappointments: Nick Cave and Thom Yorke are at the top. I love them both, but oy ve. At least Thom’s album is redeemed by the first track, which at least has a catchy melody. I had high hopes for Sleater-Kinney, because I’m a big fan of St. Vincent, but the album was so-so. I was also exited when the Chromatics unexpectely dropped an album, but that one doesn’t really hold up to repeated listenings like their first two albums do.

So, all-in-all, a pretty mediocre year for indie rock. I thought 2017 was brilliant, so the last two have been real let downs. My favorites then, the ones I’ve enjoyed the most:

  1. Lana Del Rey - NFR
  2. Weyes Blood - Titanic Rising
  3. Liam Gallagher - Why Me? Why Not
  4. Angel Olsen - All Mirrors
  5. Prince - Originals (can I count this? Surprised how much I enjoy this)
  6. LCD Soundsystem - Electric Lady (ditto)
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  1. Big Thief - UFOF
  2. Self Esteem - Compliments Please
  3. Nick Cave &TBS - Ghosteen
  4. Kishi Bashi - Omoiyari
  5. Felice Brothers - Undress
  1. Big Thief - U.F.O.F
  2. Kelsey Lu - Blood
  3. Caroline Polachek - Pang
  4. Jenny Hval - The Practice of Love
  5. Eartheater - Trinity

great record this. Definitely in my top 5 this year

It’s great, eh? Did you hear the Akira album he did as ‘Bwana?’

His ‘against the clock’ video for Fact is well worth a watch as well.

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  1. The Yummy Fur - Piggy Wings
  2. Purple Mountains - S/T
  3. Khruangbin - Hasta el Cielo
  4. American Football - LP3
  5. Sturgill Simpson - Sound & Fury