The 2019 DiS Royal Rumble thread!

You know the drill by now, sign up here to enter yourself in to the 2019 Royal Rumble (Sunday night/Monday morning) and once we have 30 you will be assigned an entry number and compete for this year’s Royal Rumble for a title shot at Wrestlemania against last year’s winner @bugduv - or perhaps he will win again!

Becky LINch


Stone Cold Steve AustIN


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How does this work?

Tony ChINel

henry o. godwIN

Hulk hogIN

30 person over the top rope battle royale.

Basically a sweepstake on who wins the royal rumble this year.


Ok in! So I have to make up smack talk?


mmmm, snack talk


I’m much much better at snack talk to be fair

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Razor RamIN

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Lars SullivIN

Speaking of, he’s definitely debuting at the Rumble with a strong push

sIN cara

Actually, if there are more than 30 wrestling fans give my spot to them

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There probably isn’t but noted