The 2019 Resolution / Vision / Wish Thread

Amy resolutions or visions for the new year?

I’m trying a few new things. Going to up my podcasting and map drawing to try and make them maybe more than a hobby. Also going to try and confront my MH more openly.

Fancy being a lot healthier but that is a bad way to frame it.

Youse awesome folk up for these? Any 2019 goals?

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Learn to gd dmn drive
Get a better job
Visit at least one country I’ve never been to before (Denmark or the Netherlands are likely candidates)
Get more tattoos

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Brexit-proof my career somehow
See family more
Keep up the fitness and do a 10k race

transition to full vegan, knocking the booze on the head for january, more exercise

I will speak, with clear romantic attention, to a woman.

That’s it.

Try not to underestimate how much new stuff I learned in 2018, maybe? Like I keep thinking I’ve hit a wall with my ability to do some things, but last year and 2017 were totally crazy in terms of how much new stuff I did so basically convincing myself not to think I’m rubbish at things I’ve only just done once or something

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Got so much to do this year.
Getting married and other massive life changing stuff.
Exciting but lots going on

  1. Do a pull up
  2. Read 12 books

errrrr that’s about it.

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Stop making noises everytime I get up or sit down

Get some washboard abs