The 2021 album of the year DIScussion thread.

Good luck @Prob500 we’re all counting on you


Best album from the big 3 Speedy Wundergrounders

  • Black Country New Road - For The First Time
  • Squid - Bright Green Field
  • Black Midi - Cavalcade

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Blood on the tracks


From the beginning of spring and until mid-September-ish my thing was to load a small cool bag full of strong IPAs, stuff my rucksack full of crisps and peanuts and listen to Blood On The Tracks and The Best Of Neil Diamond as I progressively got wasted at Primrose Hill watching the sun go down.

Looking forward to resuming this next spring even if pubs remain open.


Yer a god damned hero :+1:

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Been a good year for a melancholic heart.

Not included due to working on them directly: Max Richter’s 3 releases and The Anchoress’ second album.

Honourable mentions: Halsey, Sun June, Helene Vogelsinger, Marissa Nadler, Sleigh Bells, Grouper, Poppy Ackroyd, Serpentwithfeet, Self Esteem, Haiku Salut, Little Simz, Daniel Avery, Darkside, Arab Strap, Turnstile…,

Have just stuck it on. :relaxed::heart_eyes:

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@Avery re: Halsey on the no chat thread - really loved it but a few tracks outshine the whole body of work

List after 1st cull. There has been a fair bit this year that I respect Floating Points & Pharoah Sander and Ka in particular but, I just don’t love enough. Also if this list included eps this would have been easier and quicker. Anz, Blackhaine and India Jordan easily this year.


The long list, with more considerations to add I’m sure

Sun June
Black Country New Road
Lael Neal
Cassandra Jenkins
Katy Kirby
The Reds, Pinks and Purples
Japanese Breakfast
Lucy Dacus
illuminati hotties
Dry cleaning
Self Esteem
Charlotte Cornfield
Snail Mail

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Gosh darned no chat thread. Sorry, been working and then cleaning and cooking since dawn and didn’t notice. Thanks for moving it.

What a list!

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it’s the same for me every year, can never find five albums that i’ve got into. had four this year, that’s pretty good (Low, HTRK, Bug, Lana)

Also, obviously, i disagree, but I can appreciate that. What were thw ones you didn’t like so much?

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The 1st draft of my top 50 is done, just one list this year which has led to some difficult decisions! I’ve used play counts to help in the selection and ordering for the first time as I was having a devil of a job whittling down the 130 odd new albums I’ve heard this year.

Currently listening to a playlist of tracks from 45 of them (nearly Spotify, nearly)

My current top 30 (I think, but wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve missed something obvious off)

Astrid Oster Mortensen - Gro Mig En Blomst
Clarice Jensen - Identifying Features OST
Clint Mansell - In the Earth OST
Colleen - The Tunnel and the Clearing
Darkside - Spiral
Emile Mosseri - Minari OST
Green-House - Music for Living Spaces
Grouper - Shade
Growing & Mary Lattimore - Gainer
Jane Weaver - Flock
Japanese Breakfast- Jubilee
Japanese Breakfast- Sable OST
Klara Lewis & Peter Mannerfelt - KLMNOPQ
KMRU - Logue
Lina Tullgren - Visiting
Little Simz - Sometimes I Might Be Introverted
Lost Girls - Menneskekollektivet
Marja Ahti - Still Lives
Megan Alice Clune - if You Do
Midwife - Luminol
Mogwai - As the Love Continues
Pan Daijing - Jade
Saint Etienne- I’ve Been Trying to Tell You
Sarah Davachi - Antiphonals
Sarah Davachi & Sean McCann - Mother of Pearl
Satomimagae - Hanazono
Sault - Nine
Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustin - A Beginner’s Mind
Tirzah - Colourgrade
Vanishing Twin - Ookil Gekkou


shame - Drunk Tank Pink *


Some highlights from my picks as I’m quite surprised some people won’t have heard them:


I’m holding off finalising my top 50 albums for a couple of weeks, just in case!

Until then here are my ten favourite EPs of the year (also a good excuse to list some that wouldn’t fit in the main 50!);

10-Vukari - Omnes Nihil
9-Moongazer - Gone
8-Human Impact - EP01
7-Ellende - Triebe
6-Ancient Mastery - The Chosen One
5-Kessler - Ambivalent
4-Flood - Scalping
3-Mesarthim - Vacuum Solution
2-Thy Light - Thy Light EP
1-Cult of Luna - The Raging River

A track from each -


Order being refined but having gone back over list of everything I’ve listened to this year and roughly grouped them…

Top five to be selected/ ordered from;

Lucy Dacus (this will be number 1)
The Hold Steady (most pleasant surprise of the year)
Julien Baker
Public Service Broadcasting
Self Esteem
Lana Del Rey
Japanese Breakfast

Coming up behind them;

Big Red Machine
St Vincent
Cassandra Jenkins

Best of the rest;

The Reds, Pinks and Purples
Sun June
Hamish Hawk
Nick Cave
Haiku Salut
Field Music
Godspeed YBE
Dry Cleaning
Snail Mail
Illuminati Hotties
Manic Street Preachers