The 2022 album of the year DIScussion thread

All discussion here please. Let’s keep the polling thread discussion free! Ta.


Thanks for doing these again!

Got a few obvious contenders and it’s beena decent if not spectacular year, but can’t say off the top of my head I know what my no. 1 is yet

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A sensational year for me, before I’ve even gone and swept stuff up that I haven’t listened to. The top at the moment is looking roughly like this:

  1. Perfume Genius - Ugly Season
  2. Beyonce - Renaissance
  3. Metronomy - Small World
  4. Wet Leg - Wet Leg
  5. Chat Pile - God’s Country
  6. Burial - Antidawn
  7. Preoccupations - Arrangements
  8. Alvvays - Blue Rev
  9. Gilla Band - Most Normal
  10. Beach House - Once Twice Melody

Animal Collective, Black Midi, Titus Andronicus, Nilufer Yanya bubbling under. Still looking forward to Weezer - SZNZ: Winter at the end of December


Expect BCNR to be a big hitter and Big Thief to do less well than I think


Good stuff.
Cheers for doing these.

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Not a clue this year e.p’s have been better this year than albums Blackhaine, Iceboy Violet, Jawnino, Dawuna, Waleed straight off the top of my head. I love those projects and will go back to them again and again.

Said before there’s been a lot of good, well made albums to admire but there hasn’t been much I’ve genuinely loved or will go back to repeatedly. First thoughts might come to 5 out of.

Black Country, New Road
Holodrum (even that might count as an e.p.)
Rainy Miller
Gilla Band
Michael J Blood
Just Mustard
Thus Love
Murkage Dave
They Hate Change
Real Lies

Big Thief is one that is well made and is excellent but I don’t want to listen to all of the tracks same with Kendrick Lamar actually as well


So much brilliant stuff this year, no idea how I’ll get it down to 10. Longlist (no order):

Lucrecia Dalt
Dawn Richard / Spencer Zahn
Haru Nemuri
Richard Dawson
Danger Mouse / Black Thought
Sudan Archives
Kelly Lee Owens
Felicia Atkinson
Jeremiah Chiu
Sofie Birch
FKA Twigs
Rolo Tomassi
Big Thief
Kilo Kish
Soul Glo
Denzel Curry
Jenny Hval
Silvana Estrada
Whatever The Weather
Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul
Tanya Tagaq

Probably missed something

Fuck, just seen I need to get it down to 5 (five)!


It’s going to be mostly “bands who like to play at Windmill” for me


One or two things out in December I’m expecting I’ll like (new White Lung on Friday!) so things could change but still imagine Chat Pile will be my favourite of the year, and Charli XCX should probably be second given how often I’ve listened to it.

Quality not quantity this year for me. More of a reflection of how I’ve been listening than a lack of good music. Sure I’ll discover some gems via this thread and just over time.

Having said that I reckon I’ll have 5+ albums that any given year I’d happily give my aoty to.

This has been one of the best music years I can remember. September/ October were incredibly strong.

The top 3 below are a smidge ahead of the 7 below but all great really:

Big Thief - New Warm Dragon etc
Gang of Youths - Angel in Realtime
Wild Pink - ILYSM
Young Jesus - Shepard Head
High Vis - Blending
Titus Andronicus - The Will to Live
Will Sheff - Nothing Special
BCNR- Ants from Up There
Florist- ST
Pinegrove - 11:11

Honourable mentions: records by

Zach Bryan
Alex G
Militarie Gun
Holy Fawn
MJ Lenderman


Probably choosing from:

Big Thief
Charli XCX
Jake Xerxes Fussell
Kurt Vile
Fontaines DC
Press Club
Why Bonnie

and a bunch of rap I need to sort out in my head first

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Think I’ve listened to six new albums this year. Which one to omit? :thinking:


Need to give Jake Xerxes Fussell and Press Club another spin. Never heard of Momma or Why Bonnie!

The worst one


Good job I checked some release dates as had it in my head that the latest Pedro The Lion and Kathryn Joseph came out at the end of last year instead of early this year.
Both likely to feature in my shortlist tbh

Momma - catchy grungy indie, dropping Smashing Pumpkins and Pavement references all over the place, sugary and bittersweet. Supporting Alex G next year

Why Bonnie - twangy sun-kissed Southern indie pop, with some early DCFC influence on some slower, sadder tracks


Bye bye Tay Tay


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Ta-ta Tay Tay
(shakes it off)

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