The 4 day week


So I requested a 4 day week at work due to many reasons, mainly the unbearable nothingness of life and actually had it accepted.

I now don’t work Mondays



Having Monday off is a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

I’ve probably worked two in four years.


Mods, this is making me well jelly. Do your thing.


Tell me why, you don’t work Mondays?


are you doing the same amount of hours in the week? either way, this is a good thing.


do you get paid the same?


No I’m losing a days wage…but the TV lives with me so the bills are split.


Stop worrying - it’s only money.


solid idea then, man.


Today is your Tuesday.


But he no longer has a ‘hump’ day. Too confusing.


Starting next week so going to really make the most of my final humpday (by posting more than usual)


stickboy: 4 Days a Week - The Working Years


I’ve not worked Fridays for the past year. Has literally improved my working week by about 20%…


I need to do thsi!

keep on putting it off as i think they will say no



Do it dude - I thought the same thing. I do have a pretty decent boss though.


we keep on having panicky meetings about how we are going to fit all teh wok in to teh ime we have eft before the end of the year!


You make your choices.


My wife does the same (and I guess my son if you count nursery as work). It makes going to work on a Monday even worse!

Very selfish, that pair.


I just want to check, this is a “no” isn’t it?