The 40 Greatest Blog Rock Albums

Pure concentrated nostalgia for anyone who came of age musically in the end of the aughts:

Think I have about a quarter of these albums.
Another quarter I actively dislike.
And about half I’ve never heard (of?).
A list of contrasts.

Might listen to ‘The Loon’ later.

the genre we call blog rock

Only works if literally anyone else calls it that too.


Patiently waits for either mao or jordan to make a “40 Greatest Bog Rock Albums” thread

Someone’s been going through my CD collection

I just think of most of these through the lense of Pitchfork, tbh

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Yeah I’m not really familiar with the name either but I think the writer defines it well enough in the intro. I certainly get the vibe they’re summing up.

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Think of Oracular Spectacular or Manners or Hospice or Girls’ Album or Everything All The Time – these are either prime candidates for the No. 1 spot or they don’t belong here at all. I won’t go into what disqualified all of the aforementioned, so let’s just chalk it up to “vibes.”

Fuck sake


Oh yeah I know exactly what they’re on about I was simply being deliberately obtuse for the bantz.

Log Brock

Brock Logsner


*40 greatest Bob Rock albums.

“Of all time”, by which we mean the five or six years that Cokemachineglow existed.


**40 greatest Bob Loblaw albums


But what years they were

Vibes are all that matter. Not just in blog rock, in all areas of life.

At least he acknowledges them.

nice to see that they couldn’t meet the criteria of 40 so had to make up 30 fake band names to fill out the article.


Blog Rock-in’ beats

Will read in full later but completely, utterly done at the Watford regen artist name “Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos”