The 50 Greatest Living Sportspeople


It’s a very American list, so who would you have on it?







(that list is hilarious, btw. I appreciate that they’re writing it for their audience, but are american’s really that insulated?)




Eric The Eel


Bolt and some other mugs


No one. It’s the taking part that counts, not the being the greatest.



As an aside, can we all just appreciate the levels of swag in this photo


Certainly no baseball or american football players


If they’re going to include wrestlers I don’t know how they can mention Aleksandr Karelin and not mention Cael Sanderson.

Otherwise Anderson Silva although his later years were kind of dogged in controversey

Floyd Mayweather although obviously a terrible human being.

Royce Gracie for basically turning concept of martial arts on its head.


Bo Jackson would definitely be in an actually worldwide list though



Yeah, Bo and Deion Sanders - anyone who can play at a top level in two sports should be a shoe-in.


American sports don’t count because nobody else plays them


Not going to stick the world’s best gaelic footballer in there are we
(picture of Shane Long)


Yeah, I guess if you’re good at two sports that no one else cares about you get a pass