The 5th thread to break a thousand replies is that riddle thread


shame on you all


Got no intention of going in there


went in once, came back out. will not be stepping foot in there again


What were the other four? Brexit, Trump, How many doors has your house got, and what else?


pondered about checking it out but 1k + replies? Ain’t no one got time for that


Gaming I think.


You can click the summary button under the first post?




Gaming definitely did Gaming thread too


Each time I’ve had a look I’ve felt my brain instantly zone out, my vision blurs and then I’m overwhelmed with an urge to leave, so I do! Keep on going back though.



The thread froze over


How the fuck did fake football make it that big? So many try-hards on this forum.


I have not read any of those


A bit like the Surinam toad clip?


Haha, no, that’s a completely different reaction unfortunately. Did it not freak you out!?!


I didn’t watch it! I swear I had a dream based on Anatomy Land last night, though.


watch it. It’ll change your life :slight_smile:


Bunch of Martins, the lot of them.


watches it


I mean, it’s not that bad. It’s just some toads popping out of some holes. But still, I wouldn’t want to watch it again!