The acne thread




I’ve suffered from acne forever. I am 32 now and I still suffer, but for the past 4/5 years it’s been pretty under control due to my long-term use of Duac coupled with aqueous cream which I use as a cleanser. However there are occasional Duac manufacturing problems meaning that sometimes I have to go without it or switch to different meds or other products which don’t work as well. This latest shortage has left me with the worst outbreak I’ve had for years - currently five bigish spots on my chin and others elsewhere. They’re not too bad or really that noticeable if you compare me to other acne sufferers but after getting it under control it’s left me feeling shit and they’re pretty sore.

Anyway, this had lead me to re-think a) my skincare routine and b) my long term options for acne. I have booked a GP appointment for a few weeks to discuss seeing a dermatologist (I might ask about roaccutane?) as I don’t really want to be on Duac long term. It’s an antibiotic and while it works the thought of being a life user leaves me feeling shit, and my acne is still clearly an issue because after not using it for a month I am basically back to where I began. I also probably need to think about using something other than aqueous cream…?

Has anyone got any experience of seeing a dermatologist or any other amazing acne miracle cures?

(thanks to meow and jezzas for their kind words in the evening thread last night which prompted this big old rethink)



Can’t offer any actually productive advice but good luck with it, champ.


Roaccutane is meant to be the absolute best for clearing up skin but has a load of scary side effects.

My housemate swears by the skincare addiction subreddit.


When I was about sixteen, my mate Lee was saying how happy he was that the blackheads had cleared up from his nose. Then he pointed at me and said “Yeah, that’s what my nose used to look like. If they haven’t gone by now, you’ve probably got them for life”.

He was right.


Someone on this website alerted me of the difference between blackheads and sebaceous filaments. I have sebaceous filaments which will NEVER go away and always be visable where blackheads can be cleared up.



@meowington omg, what’s the difference?


Thank you :slight_smile:


Oh matey, I hope you find something that works for you :heart:


I don’t know how I would classify my skin problems. I think maybe I do get this a bit?

like, I’ve been getting some at my temples in recent months? I drink a lot of water, stay fit, keep my skin clean, but still…


get spots quite a lot cos my diet is shit but I’m not too fussed these days.


Hey PN, I’m 23 and still got pretty bad acne (or bacne to be more specific). I’ve seen recent improvement though. I use Duac in the evenings (I’ve never heard of shortages -might have to stock up!), which I have no other issues with aside from the clothes dying. A pill in the morning and another cream in the morning, I should probably find out the names. They all seem to be working, but I’ve helped myself by made a concerted effort not to squeeze the ones on my back (however tempting!) and also to cycle into work in a different top and give myself a bit of a wet-wiping once I come in. It does seem to work a little bit. Still got a back covered in scars, which looks horrific after a winter of seeing no sunlight. Still, I try not to think about them, but am sometimes wary of them, especially in intimate situations.

It is depressing though, a) takes up a bit of time b) prescriptions start to become expensive c) I feel a bit old to have acne d) friends don’t have to worry about it. I do feel it has made me a bit more empathetic about other people’s shortcomings, hoping they’ll accept mine.


One is like your hair follicles on your skin and oil whereas the other one is dirt thats oxidized?

And now i’m watching dr pimple popper


My face hasn’t got ‘acne’ per se at the moment, but always looks a bit weird and inflamed. I do think sun helps even that out for me. Also I use plasters on my back outbreaks, which I appreciate you can’t really use on your face.

It’s a right old shitter really.


Also, I still struggle to make eye contact with anyone due to years of being embarrassed of people looking at my face while they were talking to me as a proper acne-ridden teenager. It really has had a incalculably massive impact on my life and self-esteem. Hope you beat it though!


Well I never, did not know that.


I have a lot of surface scarring. I’ve stopped noticing it now, but compared to someone with good skin mine looks very bad.

I get a few whiteheads and other spots here and there even if I use Duac. I find it really hard not to squeeze them, which leaves me with a lot of red marks which are pretty sore. They take AGES to heal. I also have a tiny bit of rosacea.



I don’t think I realised how much of an impact it had on my life (/self esteem) until it started going away. I just thought it was something I had to deal with.


I spent a year or so on roaccutane as a kid. All I remember are the sore dried lips and having to drink a few glasses of milk a day to help. But boy, did it work. My acne on my face was not too bad, but my back was a disaster. I remember being in tears when the doctor said I’d be scared for life because of it.

Turns out, it cleared up all bar one biggish spot that looks like a bullet wound.

I don’t want this to move too far into TMI Territory, but doesn’t hormones and periods have to do with it?


i defo think you should try to get to a dermatologist. Sounds like you have a range of things and they might recommend doing some other stuff. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if you needed to go private for it :frowning: NHS don’t really do anything cosmeticcy.


I think I have done myself by not taking that private healthcare insurance work offer, haven’t I? FUCK.