The Actual Christmas Eve Thread

I’ll post another later when I finish. Start away

I have been saved from an extra shuffle downstairs and am being brought breakfast in bed. I mean, it’s only going to be a bowl of cereal, but I am so happy to be saved the extra stair trip I could cry.

Pretty sure I have put my boot on wrong, one of the straps had come off entirely and I am torn between two options of where it should go.


Listening to The Flaming Lips Christmas album, @Kallgeese

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Up at 530 with the baby as per usual. TV is off to the spa with her mum and sister so I’ve got a morning of pure dadding ahead.


Hi, got a cold it seems. Gah

Tempted to wrap red washi tape around my crutches to give them a candy cane look.


That Instagram you posted of you and R posing together made you look ridiculously young btw… Like about 6! (Something about the angle.) it was a great photo


Thank you? Think it was the open mouthed expression and clipping my fringe back like that takes several years off my look.

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Laying in bed at my Mum’s trying to entice the cat in to bed for morning cuddles :cat:

Going to see It’s a Wonderful Life at the pictures later on, then going for a big lunch. Feeling kinda excited now after weeks of being a total humbug, can’t wait to spend Christmas with my nephew :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That all sounds very nice :slight_smile:

How old is your nephew?

I always thought it was “the mood is right”


It is. Don’t get me started.


Guess which silly billies forgot to turn off their alarms, despite not needing to have alarms set for today?

Pretty excited for the abouts of breakfast which must surely be somethimg I’m soon to prepare, if there really is an eving period to your so called. Christmas. Let us, indeed, see.

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Morning everyone.

In the office for half a day, then golf this afternoon.
Plan to do the grand total of 0 (zero) minutes work.
Going to put on some Hot Snakes to get in the Xmas spirit.

Once again the only guy in my dept to come in today is SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO ME!


Almost five months! So he has no real idea what’s going on Christmas-wise :smile:


Morning all

I love how quiet it is at this time of morning on Christmas Eve

Working til 2 today then home to wrap up a drum kit. Plus other wrapping.


Aw, still will have a lot of fun playing with paper and you all get to enjoy him still being super cuddly :blush:

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Morning. WFH until we are told to stop then last minute packing then off to Heathrow.

8:23am…time for the first mince pie of the day


How do you wrap a drumkit?


I’m so sorry.