The Actual Simpsons Thread (But everyone finally got over their Steamed Hams thing.)





Do you have a link for that? That is so relevant for my boss.


It was a birthday present from my tv so I’ll ask her when I get home hyggers.


From here but seem to no longer do it

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I’m in quite a vulnerable place at the moment. as usual. I was just headed to the depression thread to post something. idk what. I just needed to open up because I’m feeling very, very low tonight.

but fine, ban me for a day because of a post that nobody actually has to even pay attention to.



Ah fucks sake, try to not let it get to you dude x


Christ on a bike. Really ran the judge’s son over repeatedly with that one. Hope you’re in a better place soon.




what thread do i post in if i want to give out about a supernaturally shit St****d H**s meme?



this thread got so weird/kinda toxic. which is bizarre really. it’s a thread on a music board about a 30 year old TV show. banning people for posting related memes that you could just not watch is ridiculous


Banning is extreme and a bit odd.

The increasingly unfunny Steamed Hams takes have made me like the original less though, so obviously I’ve stopped watching them.


i think people are jumping on parsefone way too much over this. the thread was just becoming wall to wall steamed hams. and it’s not funny anymore. all forums have rules, this is one of the most relaxed. it’s unfortunate it was taken to heart this latest time but it’s in the thread title


I think that bit of title got added after @incandenza’s post though?

Anyway, I think we’ve established it’s done now with today’s horrendous outing


cry me a river bootlicker


aye. like any meme, they’re funny, they get popular, they get less funny, people stop posting it.

in the future just let it run its course unless people are spamming with the intent of annoying people (which i really don’t believe was the case here)


I am pro-Steamed Hams but I think the mood in here was pretty strongly ‘stop posting them’ and @Parsefone was clear about the bannination.

HOWEVER, I did note that in all our to-ing and fro-ing (partly my fault) the thread title didn’t maintain the threats so I felt it only fair to bring 'candenza back but edit the thread title accordingly.

I moved his post to the ‘Simpsons Steamed Hams’ thread where all Steamed Hams chat is welcome.

I did even look at moving all Steamed Hams from here to there but made a fatal misclick on my post selection that fucked up about 5 minutes of finding the right ones and so I gave up.