The Actual Simpsons Thread (But everyone finally got over their Steamed Hams thing.)


Unfortunately steamed hams has infected my consciousness.

Playing ps4 and a load of bad guys suddenly burst out of the adjoining room - “good lord what is happening in there?”

Looking for the nearest post office to send some stuff tomorrow - “yes, and you call them offices despite the fact they are obviously shops.”



Using “and you call them X despite the fact they are obviously Y” all the time now. Also, “delightfully devilish”.



I was watching an episode of Preacher the other night. Someone had something in the oven that caught fire, and I very loudly went “Egads, my roast is ruined!” to nobody in particular because my life is as lonely as someone who would do that deserves


This but it’s about steamed hams

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which season should i watch

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This is good. I like the AV Club.

Dunno why, as a teenage usenet nerd, I never went on any Simpsons groups. Mostly just stuck to anime ones. So embarrassing.


av club was so much better before they nuked the comment section though




You cannae go wrong!

Draw it out a hat! Or just do it chronologically




dunno why but i was talking to a mate about the time i got a formal warning in college for printing “non-work” material.

the guy telling me off called me in and presented me with this exact image:


can’t of kept a straight face


i love The Simpsons.

Things you "should" like but dont