The Actual Simpsons Thread (But everyone finally got over their Steamed Hams thing.)


Might start using Morbotron to mix things up a bit





Use ‘which I could also afford’ quite a lot.




Did you cross-pollination this to that other thread?



The Spanish VAs for the Simpsons are so good. Up there with German Scar


Question Why does homer want to choose “bikini inspector” when he’s picking from the chore hat - while Marge is in the hospital? Really creepy.


I’d rate this as the 83rd creepiest thing Homer’s ever done.


Late to party but



Tendría que pagar los frenos de Lisa!


just watched them three episodes. started to go downhill, huh


big fan of hearing a dog barking over and over again, waiting for it to stop and then saying “brought to you by”. bonus points if the dog starts barking again.


Because it’s an amusing idea that Homer Simpson, father of the Simpsons, would consider that bikini inspector of sexy ladies would be on the list of the Simpsons household chores


maybe he’s just got a pure kink for marge’s underwear





excellent scene

from the hit show "The Simpsons"!


when simspons was good

when smipsons was good